This conference is being held in honor of Konstantin Lurie’s 70th birthday. Read more about Dr. Lurie...

November 17-19, 2005
Worcester Polytechnic Insitute
Worcester, Massachusetts


Recent developments in physics, particularly nonlinear optics, put forth new problems of design aimed to establish material control over the wave propagation. Material assemblages with properties modulated in space and time represent the media most suitable for such purposes; dynamic gratings represent probably the best-known example. Dynamic materials, along with their conventional (static) counterparts, will be the object of discussion, in the context of their effective properties and their use through optimization.

The general concept of composites has many links with other physical theories, like vibrational mechanics and the general theory of complex dynamical systems. Topics related to them, particularly, the problem of reasonable physical interpretation of mathematical models will also be a part of the agenda. Applications will be diverse: from control of rheological characteristics of the structural materials to the chaos control.

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