Invitation from President Parrish
Featured Presenters

Second International Corporate/Academic Roundtable on Emerging Technologies

Molecular Engineering - The Next Five Years

March 19 & 20, 2002, WPI Campus, Worcester, Mass.

Featured Presenters

Richard A. DeMillo, Ph.D., is vice president and chief technology officer for Hewlett-Packard Company. The author of more than 100 technical articles and books, he is best known for his work in software engineering, theoretical computer science and cryptography.

James C. Ellenbogen, Ph.D., is senior principal scientist of the MITRE Nanosystems Group and principal investigator of MITRE's Nanosystems Modeling and Nanoelectronic Computers Research Project.

John L. LaMattina, Ph.D., is president of Pfizer Worldwide Research, vice president of Pfizer Inc., and executive vice president of Pfizer Global Research and Development. He is the author of 23 scientific publications and holds 14 U.S. patents.

W. Grant McGimpsey, Ph.D., is professor of chemistry at WPI. His research focuses on photochemistry, molecular-scale devices, and intramolecular charge and energy transfer. He has published more than 55 refereed journal papers and his major research awards have been received from NSF, DOE, the Petroleum Research Fund, Polaroid and Bayer Diagnostics.

Lueny Morell is a professor of chemical engineering and the director of the R&D Center at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Her broad research interests encompass scientific (sludge management and composting) and higher education topics such as curriculum development and outcomes assessment. She also oversees strategic alliances for the university.

Richard S. Quimby, Ph.D., is professor of physics at WPI. His research covers optics, laser spectroscopy, optical properties of rare earth-doped glasses, and photonics (including lasers and fiber optics).

Doros Platika, M.D., is chairman of Curis Inc., a biotechnology company specializing in regenerative medicine. He is a member of the Dean's Committee for International Development at the JFK School of Government at Harvard University.

Joel M. Schnur, Ph.D., recognized as a pioneer in biomolecular science and technology, is head of the Naval Research Laboratory's Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering.

Thomas A. Shannon, Ph.D., is professor of religion and social ethics in the Department of Humanities and Arts at WPI. The author of more than 40 articles in professional journals and 25 books, including Genetic Engineering: A Documentary History, published in 2000, he has written and spoken extensively on the ethical impact of new technologies.

Dan Wayner, Ph.D., leads the Molecular Interfaces Program in Canada's National Research Council Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, a multidisciplinary team whose research focuses on organic chemical reactions on silicon surfaces.

Leonard Polizzotto, Ph.D., (moderator) is vice president of International Business Development at SRI International. He has been granted nine U.S. patents and has published on digital imaging, microphotography and human color perception.

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