National Consortium of Specialized Secondary Schools of Math, Science & Technology 14th Annual Professional Conference - Morphing Education by Infusing Technology

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Aliza Sherman
Aliza Sherman is the founder of Cybergrrl, Inc, a media and entertainment company on the forefront of creating programming, products, and services on line, as well as virtual communities. She is also the founder of Webgrrls, a networking group for women with interest in the Internet. Aliza is the author of such books as Cybergrrl: A Woman's Guide to the World Wide Web and Use Your Personal PowerTools: 10 Tools for Women to Succeed in Business and Life. For further information on Aliza Sherman please visit

Dean Kamen
Dean Kamen is the President and owner of DEKA Research and Development Corporation. Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, DEKA specializes in advanced technologies in medical equipment. In 1976, Dean founded AutoSyringe, Inc., his first medical device company, after he was awarded his first patent on his invention of the wearable infusion pump. Dean is also the founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way Americans view science and technology. FIRST holds an annual competition showcasing robots designed by a high school and corporation or university partnership. These high adrenaline events promote engineering excellence and teamwork as well as draw as many as 12,000 participants. More recently, Mr. Kamen appeared on 60 minutes to demonstrate his stair climbing, beach walking wheelchair. For more information on Dean Kamen and FIRST, check out

Dean Kamen has a long association with WPI, beginning with his years as a Physics student. The University has been involved with the FIRST Competition since its inception and each year grants a full four-year scholarship to a FIRST team member who exemplifies the spirit of the FIRST program. Mr. Kamen also holds an honorary degree from WPI.

Sheila Tobias
Sheila Tobias, a noted author and science and math education consultant, spent time from 1989 - 1996 researching and writing for the Research Corporation in Tucson, Arizona. She studied "neglected issues" in mathematics and science education such as manpower and policy issues. Through this research, she wrote such books as Rethinking Science as a Career: Perceptions and Realities in the Physical Sciences and Revitalizing Undergraduate Science: Why Some Things Work and Most Don't. She is the Outreach and Dissemination Coordinator for the Sloan Foundation's Science Master's initiative. For more information on Sheila Tobias visit her website at

Science, Technology and America's Leadership- Setting an Educational Agenda
For decades, the leadership of American business, the media, government, has been all but dominated by people trained in law, finance, management, and to a lesser extent the social sciences. Science and mathematics-trained people are conspicuously absent from elected and appointed positions that deal with the wide range of issues that in today's and even more tomorrow's environment are technically based. Partly it is the result of an all-too narrow research-oriented set of graduate programs in the sciences and (with more exceptions) in mathematics, How can science/mathematics educators and the Academies in particular change this pattern? What kind of educational agenda will serve to populate the power centers with science/math "professionals"?
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