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Welcome to the NCSSSMST 2002 Student Conference! We at WPI and the Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science are honored to be hosting you in Worcester, MA. This yearís conference "Crossroads: Where Engineering, Science and Technology Meet Life", will allow students to explore the humanitarian side of the sciences. From Fire Protection to Robotics to Photography, see how everyday science and technology affect human life.

Worcester is an up and coming leader in the technology community and WPI is at its heart. Once an industrial city, Worcester is now turning to Bioengineering, Pharmaceuticals, Stem Cell Research and Material Engineering as its claim to fame. WPI supports this change by producing top quality students, providing research labs and gifted faculty.

We invite you to join us at WPI, to explore our great city to enjoy a unique conference experience. This yearís conference will offer courses in such fields as:

Performing Arts
System Dynamics
Mechanical Engineering
Art Restoration
Robotics/Assistive Devices

Please check back to this site often, as we are updating our schedule daily with new course offerings. Registration forms and other paperwork are available online so feel free to send them in. Once we have studentsí names, we will be sending out course selection guides.

Again, welcome, and we are eager to meet you!

About WPI

Founded in 1865, WPI is recognized as one of the most respected technological universities in the country. The University prepares young women and men for challenging professional careers and rewarding lives in todayís rapidly changing, globally interconnected world. WPI provides its 2,700 undergraduate and 1,000 full- and part-time graduate students with a thorough conceptual foundation in science, engineering, management, the humanities and arts, and the social sciences. And it encourages its students to demonstrate their ability to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world problems, and to gain an appreciation for how the solutions to those problems might impact the world around them.

About MA Academy

The Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science is a public high school for students in grades 11 and 12. It is a collaborative effort between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the high schools of Massachusetts to identify and nurture the potential of students with exceptional aptitude for mathematics and science. The Academy provides a challenging curriculum for academically motivated students. Faculty and students work closely together to create an environment which encourages collaborative learning, respect for individual learning styles, willingness to learn and explore both individually and in groups, and expansion of one's knowledge and character.

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