Conference Schedule

Schedule for the Undergraduate Shakespeare Conference, 2006

9:00-9:30 Coffee and Registration (Higgins House Library)
9:30-9:45 Welcoming Remarks (Higgins House Great Hall)
9:50-11:00 Session One (Salisbury Labs)
Panel A: Shakespeare on the Run: Adaptations of Shakespeare's Plays (Salisbury Labs Rm 104)
  • Kevin Donovan, Bentley College: "'In Fair Verona': Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet as Social Criticism.
  • Genevieve Desaulniers, Worcester Polytechnic Institute: "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Dead or Not?
  • Adriana Rodriguez, Regis College: "Tim Blake Nelson's O"
Panel B: Odd Person Out: Shakespeare's Transgressive Figures (Salisbury Labs Room 105)
  • Kara McShane, Holy Cross: "Illusions and Grandeur: Strategic Madness and Court Life in Hamlet
  • Michael Ginzburg, Bentley College: "From Rome to Carnival"
  • Jared Mouradien, U. Mass Boston: "It Takes a Witch . . . "
11:10-12:20 Session Two (Salisbury Labs)
Panel C: Here, There, and Everywhere: International Representations of Shakespeare (Salisbury Labs 104)
  • Bernadette Smith, Assumption College: "Transcending Time, Culture and Language: Shakespeare's Popularity through Ophelia"
  • Michael Rogers, Fitchburg State College: "O Scotland, To be Re-made, or Not To Be"
  • Samantha Keefe, Clark University: "'Hath not a Jew Not Ojos': International Productions of The Merchant of Venice and What They Tell Us"
Panel D: Fashion and Form: Shakespeare on the Runway (Salisbury Labs 105)
  • Rachel Swindle, College of the Holy Cross: "'I've Got Nothing to Wear': Female Fashion in The Taming of the Shrew"
  • Jessica Dempsey, College of the Holy Cross: "Accessorizing Shakespeare"
  • Priya Jayachandran, Worcester Polytechnic Institute: " A Study of Cross-Dressing in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and As You Like It"
12:30-2:00 Plenary Luncheon (Higgins House Great Hall)
 Guest Speaker Douglas Lanier, Professor of English at the University of New Hampshire, will present his talk, "Two Dimensional Bard"
Panel D: Favor: Appeals to a Changing Audience (Salisbury Labs 104)
2:00-3:10 Session Three (Salisbury Labs)
  • Elizabeth Winiarski, Boston College: "Atonement in Shakespeare's Hamlet"
  • Elizabeth B. Morris, Assumption College: '"We Band of Brothers' vs. 'My Kingdom': An Analysis of the Pronoun Choices from the Speeches at Agincourt and Tilbury"
  • Krisha Hoyt, Clark University: "Change is Good: Shifting Classification in Richard III and Julius Caesar to Maintain Shakespeare's Modern Relevance"
Panel E: Shaping Fantasies: Constructing Shakespeare's Characters (Salisbury Labs 104)
  • Allison Robbins, Roger Williams University: "'I would lose all, ay sacrifice them All': Bassanio, Antonio, and Elizabethan Male Friendship"
  • Laura Rickmyre, Roger Williams University: "'Say how I loved you . . . ': Antonio, Bassanio, and Elizabethan Male Friendship"
  • Jessica Spink, College of the Holy Cross: "Recreating the Pygmalion Story: Shakespeare, Romano and Paulina"
3:15 -4:15 Sword-Fighting Demonstration by the Higgins Armory Sword Guild (Campus Center Odeum A and B)
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