WPI Journal  
Volume CI, No. 4 - Spring 2000
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An Award-winning Washout
An invention by John Lombardi '90 has joined the likes of ATMs, antilock brakes and liquid-crystal displays as a winner of the "Nobel Prize of applied research,"
by Arlie Corday

Showing Their Metal
With nearly 140 corporate members, WPI's Metal Processing Institute is the largest industry-university alliance in North America and a world leader in advancing metal technology,
by Michael Dorsey

True Tales From the Valley
As WPI launches its first project center in the mecca of high technology and entrepreneurism, the Journal gets two first-hand looks at the myth and reality of Silicon Valley.

Living the Dream
By Joan Killough-Miller

Navigating the Peaks and Craters
By Greg Walsh '76

Rewriting a Poem in Stone
Once the gateway to Worcester, Union Station sat vacant and forlorn for two decades. With the help of three alumni, it has risen from the ashes and become the centerpiece of the city's revitalization, by Bonnie Gelbwasser

Memory Bank
A Noteworthy Quasquicentennial
by Bonnie Gelbwasser

Final Word
The Fullest Possible Accounting
by Joan Killough-Miller


Front Cover
Photo by Patrick O'Connor.

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Photo by Dennis Vandal.


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