WPI Journal

Summer 1997


Stirring the Pot
A descendent of Congregational missionaries, Carl Clark says he inherited a desire to change things that sometimes gets him into trouble. For more than 30 years, he's been fighting to change the face of automotive safety.
by Michael W. Dorsey
Building a Forgiving Highway
With steel, plastic, imagination and technocal know-how, Provost John Carney designs widely used devises that protect vehicles and their occupants from the hazards that lurk along America's roadsides.
by Michael W. Dorsey
His career at WPI has spanned the modern age of computers, from punch cards to the World Wide Web. Along the way he's been a quiet, though sometimes intimidating, mentor to hundreds of students.
by Allison Chisolm
The Golden Age of Hacking
Back in the age before windows and icons, a close-knit band of students devoted their days and nights to learning the intricacies of Fortran and the DEC-10. In the process, they learned a little bit about life -- and themselves.
by Joan Killough-Miller
A Shortcut Into Computer History
One day last winter, Paul Green was just another student struggling to finish a project. A few days later, he was a national media star. What made the difference was his discovery of a major software bug.
by Bonnie Gelbwasser
Advance Word A Man for All Seasons
by Michael W. Dorsey
Letters Thoughts on the Plan, Keeping the Millenial Faith
WPI at the Crossroads Managing in the Age of Technology
by Amy L. Marr '96
Final Word Student Projects Result in Medical Advances
by Bonnie Gelbwasser and Ruth Trask

Front cover: Photo by Frank Cezus/FPG international LLC. See Stirring the Pot and Building a Forgiving Highway. Back cover: Rising above Route 128 outside Boston, WPI's new Waltham campus has become a landmark for drivers on "America's High-Tech Highway." The graduate management programs offered in Wlatham are just one way WPI's Department of Management is setting the stage for the decades ahead. Photo by Jonathan Kannair. See WPI at the Crossroads.

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