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Secured: A Special Focus
Who Goes There?
 by Elizabeth Walker
A group of WPI alumni are out to cure the Net's identity crisis.

Keys to the Future
 by Michael W. Dorsey
Professor Christof Paar works to make on-line security faster and safer.

How Private? How Safe?
 by Michael W. Dorsey
A corollary of Keys to the Future.

His Life's Opus
 by Elizabeth Walker
Opus Telecom keeps tabs on the vast market for pre-paid phone calls.

Advance Word
 by Michael W. Dorsey
A High Stakes Game of Cat and Mouse.

 by Bonnie Gelwasser
Celebrating Five Years of Projects in Costa Rica.

Final Word
 by Joan Killough-Miller
Sharing the Secrets of the Universe.


Front Cover Front Cover: Go ahead, make their day! Would-be data thieves and on-line imposters are being stopped in their tracks by software and hardware engineering from the minds of cryptographers and engineers like Jeff Breed '85 and Joe Vignaly '82 of GTE CyberTrust Solutions. SEE STORY. Photo by Jonathan Kannair.

Back Cover Back Cover: In the next 25 years, astronauts may depart from the International Space Station for Mars, near-Earth asteroids and other celestial destinations, says NASA Administrator Dan Goldin. SEE STORY. Photo courtesy NASA.

One Giant Leap
 by Dan Goldin
NASA's bold plans may hinge on a new vision for technological education.

Making Big Plans
 by Edward Parrish
Past is prologue as WPI's president sets the stage for "a great leap forward."

Kings of the Road
 by Ruth Trask
The stories of four alums who helped build the interstate highway system.

A Grand Tradition
 by Chet Williamson
How a gift of a music box grew into a lifetime of collecting and giving.

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