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Volume CI, No. 3 - Summer 1999
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Twenty Years of Fire Protection Engineering at WPI

Taming an Element
In its first two decades, WPI's Center for Firesafety Studies has made its mark and helped make the world a safer place.

Rewriting the Rules Down Under
How three alumni are helping create the wave of the future in fire codes.

Protecting a Grand Old Flag
A routine fire protection assignment takes on new meaning when the focus is one of the nation's most important symbols.

The 21st Century Pharmacy: Creating Tomorrow's Therapies

Zeroing in on a Killer
How WPI became a world leader in using magnetic resonance imaging to test new drugs for stroke.

Partners for Life
With support from Pfizer, WPI is preparing students for the exciting field of drug discovery.

Spawning New Therapies
A St. Louis company is turning the catch of the day into a valuable source of raw materials for new drugs.

Fascinatin' Rhythms
Jazz hipster, inspired educator, accomplished musician, Rich Falco has spent the past two decades building an honored spot for WPI in the jazz landscape.

Mathematicians Study the Properties That Bind Things Together and Blow Them Apart.

A Silver Anniversary in D.C.

Final Word
The Hybrid Rides Again

Front Cover
David Lucht, director of the Center for Firesafety Studies, has been the guiding light behind WPI's world-renowned program in fire protection engineering. Story on page 4. Photo by Patrick O'Connor.

Back Cover
The Star-Spangled Banner is a powerful symbol of the struggle to keep America safe from tyranny. Work by a WPI graduate will keep the delicate flag safe from the threat of fire. Story on page 15. Photo courtesy the Smithsonian Institution.

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