First published in 1897, the WPI Journal was the official magazine of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It published news and features on science, engineering, technology, education and other topics of interest to its readers, including all graduates of the university. In 2002, the Journal was redesigned and renamed Transformations: A Journal of People and Change. This site contains issues of the Journal going back to 1996. The complete run of the WPI Journal is housed in the archives of WPI's Gordon Library.

  Journal Staff

Editor: Michael W. Dorsey

Managing Editor: Bonnie Gelbwasser

Alumni News Editor: Joan Killough-Miller

Art Director/Designer: Michael J. Sherman

Contributing Writer: Arlie Corday

Production Manager: Bonnie McCrea

Alumni Communications Committee: Robert C. Labonté '54, chairman; Kimberly A. (Lemoi) Bowers '90, James S. Demetry '58, William J. Firla, Jr. '60, William R. Grogan '46, Amy L. (Plack) Marr '96, Roger N. Perry, Jr. '45, Harlan B. Williams '50.

WPI Journal
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609-2280
Phone: 508-831-5609
Fax: 508-831-5820

Diverse views presented in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or official WPI policies. Entire contents © 1996-2000, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Back Issues
Spring 2000 (Vol. CI, No.4)
Showing Their Metal | Rewriting a Poem in Stone | An Award-winning Washout | True Tales from the Valley

Summer 1999 (Vol. CI, No.3)
Taming an Element | Zeroing in on a Killer | Fascinatin' Rhythms

Winter 1999 (Vol. CI, No.2)
The Year in Review | Alumni Master Plan Evolves | New Programs Broaden WPI's Educational Horizons

Summer 98 (Vol. CI, No.1)
A Vision of NASA's Future | The State of the University | Four Highwaymen

Spring 98 (Vol. C, No.4)
People of the Century | No Big Deal | Classic D.T.

Fall 1997 (Vol. C, No.3)
Putting the Pieces Together | The Year in Review: 1996-97 | University Relations Highlights

Summer 1997 (Vol. C, No.2)
The Man Called aej | Hacker Memories | The Road Ahead for Management

Spring 1997 (Vol. C, No. 1)
The Silicon Symphony | The Class of Aught Aught | The Best Laid Plans

December 1996 (Vol. XCIX, No. 4)
A Symphony of Ideas | Embarking on an Age of Exploration | Making a Difference

October 1996 (Vol. XCIX, No. 3)
A Miracle at Worcester | How it Changed 10 Lives | The Next 25 Years

Spring 1996 (Vol. XCIX, No. 2)
Higgins Rededicated | A Centennial for Electrical Engineering | Alumni Speak Out

Winter 1996 (Vol. XCIX, No. 1)
A Personal Space Odyssey | The Goat's Head Caper | Joe Gale's 50 Years at WPI
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