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Tuesday, November 7, 2000 A Publication of the Newspeak Association Volume No. 65, Issue 8

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Digivolving: A closer look at new 'Digimon 02' television series

by John Baird
Tech News Staff

On Saturday, August 19, Fox began to air "Digimon Adventures 02," the second television series set in the "Digimon" continuum. Even though Fox still refers to this new series as just "Digimon," it is a new story, with new faces and new digimon alike. For fans of the original, it's an interesting change from the first series; for new viewers, it's a good entry point into the "Digimon" saga.

"Digimon Adventures 02" is set three years after the end of the first series. Six of the original DigiDestinied are in high school, with the two youngest members, Kari and TK, entering junior high. But while everything is peaceful there, in the Digital World, a new adversary calling himself the Digimon Emperor has begun to enslave countless digimon with mind controlling dark rings.

Facing almost certain capture, one of the original digimon, an orange dinosaur named Augumon, contacts the real world for help. When Augumon's friend, Tai, comes to help him, Tai discovers that none of the digimon can digivolve anymore, and in their weakened states, are easy prey for the Digimon Emperor. He searches for some place they can hide, and discovers a thing called a DigiEgg. Tai touches it, and it releases three new Digivices into the real world, and three new kids are brought in to play the role of Digidestinied: Davis, a kid who acts almost exactly like Tai used to; Yolei, a smart computer genius; and Cody, the youngest member of the group who's being trained in martial arts by his grandfather.

These new Digivices allow the new kids to bypass the effects of the Dark Digivice, the thing that the Digimon Emperor made to halt all digivolving. By "Armor Digivolving," the three new digimon, as well as the two belonging to T.K. and Kari, who also receive new Digivices, can power up and destroy the dark rings enslaving the populace of the Digiworld.

This new series comes on the heels of a growing popularity for all things "Digimon." The last several of episodes of the first series managed to beat "Pokemon" for ratings, and many of the "Digimon" toys are now selling more rapidly than those of "Pokemon." The same trend is occurring in Japan, where the Pokemon craze is all but dead, as indicated by lack of consumer interest and word that the fourth Pokemon movie will be its last.

To find out more about "Digimon," you can try visiting some of the websites devoted to the show. The Digimon DigiNet ( has TV episode summaries as well as bios and pictures of the main cast from both series. Megchan's Digimon Sekai ( has a near complete listing of the Digimon CCG cards and live streaming radio that allows you to listen to both English and Japanese Digimon music! For a more official look at "Digimon," you can try the Fox Kids site (, or if you have American Online, you can go to keyword "Digimon" to find out about the TV show and movie.

Why does something like "Digimon" continue to survive in a world where fads typically only last two or three years? No one knows the answer, but the second series doesn't seek to break away from the format of its predecessor. It delivers the same kind of offbeat humor and monster combat action that seems to have made "Digimon" a long-lived phenomenon.

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