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Tuesday, January 30, 2001 A Publication of the Newspeak Association Volume No. 66, Issue 3

Front Page
-Cleaning up snow: DPW gets to work
-Students gain new opportunity to stay informed
-Lecture series Engineers the future
-President's IQP Awards given out

-Police Log
-Off Campus News
-When family turns on TV, VCR or computer, AOL Time Warner is there
-Italian doctor says he plans human clone within next year
-Science has gone too far, says manifesto by world-religions expert
-Jokes and poems: E-mail brings more politics into the workplace

-Are you really YOU?: When do you know you are 'gay'?
-WPI students join in protests:"Justice" in DC
-So long WPI, and thanks for all the degrees
-Anger over Ashcroft
-The Little Things
-The Pit

Arts & Entertainment
-Scots on the Rocks
-The Blunder of Anime Editing
-WPI gaming gets due attention
-What's Happening

-Club Corner
-Crimson Clipboard

-Men's swim team deserves more credit
-Score Board
-Upcoming Contests

Police Log

Thursday - Jan. 18th 2001

3:10 AM - Suspicious Motor Vehicle: Officer observed vehicle crossing the middle line

3:23 AM - Drug Violation: Officer observed vehicle in parking lot, with windows fogged. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the occupants of the car were in possession of a Class B Substance. The vehicle was towed and the suspects arrested

4:45 PM - Trespass: Six non-student advised of trespassing in the Alumni Gym

Friday - Jan. 19th 2001

5:35 AM - Maintenance Service Request: Baystate Elevator called for elevator stuck on Fuller Labs

10:24 AM - Parking Violation: Three vehicles blocking service road. All three given warnings

Saturday - Jan. 20th 2001

2:10 AM - Disorderly Person: Officer observed a group arguing, at Founders. Asked them to move along

9:17 PM - Medical: Student hurt his ankle in Harrington Auditorium. EMS got him some ice and he refused further care

Sunday - Jan. 21st 2001

3:00 AM - Suspicious Motor Vehicle: SUV doing donuts in the library lot and is now stuck in snowbank. Vehicle was leaving lot as officer arrived

3:14 AM - Aid Public Safety Agency: female states she is alone at sorority and heard footsteps. She witnessed a male in the hallway who fled when he heard her voice. Second call came from across the street. Caller witnessed two males climbing up the side of house, attempting to gain access to the second floor. Officers dispatched

2:10 PM - Trespass: Reports of multiple individuals in gym, not student. Officers evicted 20-25 males from area

6:07 PM - Maintenance Service Request: RA in Riley calls to report a malfunctioning smoke detector.

8:02 PM - Medical: Male student injured foot in Harrington. Friend will transport him to Memorial Hospital

10:08 PM - Trespass: Caller states group of males playing basketball in Alumni Gym. They were advised and dispersed

Monday - Jan. 22nd 2001

7:30 PM - Hit and run on Institute and Boynton St. EA requested for victim. Victim transported to UMass Medical Center. Suspect vehicle found and operator was brought in for questioning

10:41 PM - Found Property: Pocketbook found

Tuesday - Jan. 23rd 2001

3:31 PM - Larceny from a Building: Employee of Coughlin Electric, working in Boynton Hall, had a cell phone stolen from his toolbox. It was a Sprint Cell phone, valued at $250.00. Sprint was contacted and service for that phone was cancelled

Wednesday - Jan. 24th 2001

4:17 AM - Suspicious Motor Vehicle: Officer observed vehicle in Stoddard Lot with a female and male that tried to look nonchalant when the officer saw them. They then drove slowly through the lot and pulled out onto Hackfeld Road

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