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Tuesday, April 10, 2001 A Publication of the Newspeak Association Volume No. 66, Issue 10

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News Headlines

by Joe Frawley
News Editor

U.S. and China work to resolve spy plane crisis

U.S. officials and Chinese officials were working together on Saturday to try to end the spy plane crisis. On April 1, an American EP-3 surveillance plane collided with a Chinese fighter plane. Each nation blames the other for causing the accident.

After the two planes collided, the American plane landed on Hainan Island, which is just off the Chinese coast. The pilot of the Chinese plane is missing, and presumed dead, after reportedly parachuting from his plane.

Under the plan that had been discussed, a letter signed by both the United States and China would express regret over the incident and over the apparent loss of the Chinese pilot. Also, the two nations would work together to come up with a plan for determining blame for the incident. One possibility is a U.S.-Chinese maritime commission that was formed in 1998.

On Friday, the wife of the missing Chinese pilot wrote President Bush. "In this serious matter with irrefutable facts and the responsibility completely resting on the U.S. side, you are too cowardly to voice an apology and have been trying to shirk your responsibility repeatedly and defame my husband groundlessly," she said.

Senate approves $1.2 trillion tax cut

The United States Senate approved on Friday a 1.2 trillion dollar tax cut. The tax cut is about 400 million dollars smaller than the tax cut that President Bush proposed. The vote was 65-35 in a Senate that is evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Several amendments over the previous days had pared down the Bush tax cut in favor of items such as education spending and debt reduction. Republicans said after the resolution passed that they would try to bring a larger tax cut bill to the floor later "I applaud the Senate's action, and thank the Republicans and Democrats who helped make it happen," Bush said at the White House.

The House of Representatives passed a resolution in March that included all 1.6 trillion dollars of Bush's tax cut. The next step is for the two houses of Congress to iron out the differences between the two resolutions.

Ten-Digit Calling for Eastern/Central Massachusetts

Effective April 2, people in areas of Massachusetts except for the 413 area code, effective April 2, people now need to dial 10 digits instead of the previous seven. There are new overlay area codes, which will be given to all new phone numbers. In the 508 area code, the new overlay area code is 774. In 978, the new overlay code is 351. In the 617 area code, the new overlay code is 857, and the overlay code for 781 is 339. The local calling areas will not change, and you will still dial 911 for an emergency or 411 for directory assistance. If you dial 1 plus the area code and the number for a local call; it will still be completed and billed as a local call.

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