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Tuesday, April 10, 2001 A Publication of the Newspeak Association Volume No. 66, Issue 10

Front Page
-Student Pugwash conference calls for individual responsibility
-Tough Questions, Real Answers
-Student techniques for procrastination abound

-News Headlines
-NASA hopes to snap losing streak with Odyssey
-Scientists say precious metals originated in neutron-star
-Police Log

-Extremists and the men who hate them
-Imposter rents videos, seeks psychiatric help
-China joins lengthening string of leadership tests for Bush
-Tax Cut Reminiscent of "Trickle-Down" Economics
-The little things...

Letters to the Editor
-Response to Mr. Sherman's Letter
-A spring scene at WPI

-Free Stuff Anyone? lastest job fair supplies goodies
-New special interest housing approved

Arts & Entertainment
-Annual Metal and Hardcore fest stomps through Worcester again
-WWPI brings The Carla Ryder Band to WPI
-Shane Koyczan's poetry infuses audience with energy
-Vapor Transmission tour visits the Palladium
-What's Happening

-Club Corner

-Women's Lacrosse flattens Framingham 19-2
-Kaufman named national coaching VP
-Score Board
-Upcoming Contests

Police Log

Thursday - Mar 29th 2001

12:10 AM - Larceny: Officer took report of a larceny of keys from a lab

12:31 AM - Maintenance Service Request: Report of vomit in the 1st floor restroom of Institute. Custodian called in

4:00 PM - Suspicious Person: Caller reports suspicious persons riding around Boynton Hall on motorized scooters

4:39 PM - Disturbance: 4 skateboarders on quad by Campus Center, disturbing Campus Center activities

9:48 PM - Suspicious Person: Officer reports fire jugglers with no permits for juggling fire. Officer advised jugglers to get necessary permits and approval from student activities

Friday - Mar 30th 2001

3:28 AM - Aid Public Safety Agency: Contacted WPD regarding a traffic signal down at West & Highland

3:44 AM - Aid Public Safety Agency: Notified WPD about a green traffic control device that was kicked over

10:46 PM - Medical: 20 year old male student with an ankle injury

Saturday - Mar 31st 2001

12:25 AM - Aid Public Safety Agency: Officer assisted WPD with a motor vehicle stop

1:17 AM - Found Property: Found black Nokia phone in Stoddard parking lot. Logged in lost and found

2:00 AM - Found Property: Black Bass backpack found after hockey game in Alumni Gym

4:26 PM - Maintenance Service Request: Custodian reports recessed lighting falling from ceiling, hanging by wire. Electrician called

6:05 PM - Maintenance Service Request: Officer requests locksmith for outside door by old Newspeak Office. Door has a padlock on it preventing it from being secured

11:11 PM - Disorderly Person: Officer moved along a group of disorderlies. Youths were in the middle of the road, yelling and screaming

Sunday - April 1st 2001

5:07 AM - Fire Alarm: RP states he was awakened by a smoke alarm coming from across the hall. Officer determined a tenant in apartment 16 was cooking and had fallen asleep. Smoke present, but contained in the area and ventilated

Monday - April 2nd 2001

5:02 AM - Suspicious Person: Custodian reports suspicious male (white, approx. 5'10" with long blond hair) coming out of Alden Hall with equipment in arms. Officers checked the area and nothing was found

10:07 AM - Forcible Entry: Vandalism and damage at Riley Hall

10:09 AM - Larceny: Larceny from an office in Stratton Hall

5:44 PM - Found Property: Student turned in keys on WPI lanyard that he found in the Campus Center

10:49 PM - Suspicious Odor: RA reports odor on third floor of Stoddard Complex. Officer reports that odor may be sewer

Tuesday - April 3rd 2001

12:21 AM - Suspicious Motor Vehicle: Officer observed vehicle driving erratically in Quad parking lot

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