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Letter Of Candidacy for Tara N. Carrie

To whom it may concern,

My name is Tara Carrie and I'm running for one of the positions of an on-campus senator. I'm a freshman, pre-vet. major, I run cross country for W.P.I., and hope to go on to Tufts. I want to be a senator because I'm committed, resourceful, and communicate well with people. I feel as though I have a lot to offer if elected as an on campus senator.


Tara N. Carrie

Letter Of Candidacy for Matt Freimuth

My name is Matt Freimuth. I am a member of the sophomore class as a chemical engineer. I have been a senator for two terms. There are some vital issues being dealt with on the WPI campus. Among other things, we are now a nationally ranked university with a new president and plans to construct a new student center. In this time of activity on campus, it is important that the student body have strong and effective representation. For this reason I wish to continue as a Senator and remain a strong voice for the student body.

Letter Of Candidacy for Shannon Finley

As a senior, I've seen many issues come and go at WPI. Last year I decided to get involved with these issues by joining the Student Government Association. After one year of service, I continue to be dedicated to and excited about working with SGA. In the last year I have worked on several committees, but have found my main interest lies in the work of the Committee on Student Life Issues. I would like to continue working with this committee concerning issues that effect students day to day. I would like SGA to work harder to find out the problems that students encounter each day, and try to improve these issues. During my own time, I have begun to work with the Admissions Office on improving the Student Ambassador Program. In closing, I would like to ask for your support as the polls and encourage all students to come in to the SGA office and talk with your representatives.


Shannon Finley

Letter Of Candidacy for Issac Rutel

Issac Rutel: Rontonda, Florida

I am ruining for the office of an On-Campus-senator, and interested in this position because being involved in decision and policy making at WPI is important to me. Understanding the role of a leader and policy maker, I became president of my senior class in an effort to make the general life of the students better.

Upon acquiring a position after this election I plan to make the same efforts for the population at WPI. I like to be involved and this is the best place to see involvement change things in a positive way. The role of a senator is to listen to the students and faculty in bringing together a campus to joyous place to be. My e-mail address will always be open. Thank you for your consideration and votes

Letter Of Candidacy for Jennifer Reese

I, Jennifer Reese, hereby declare my candidacy for On Campus Senator of SGA. As a member of the class of 1999, I would like to be involved in maintaining and improving student life on Campus. During high school, my activeness in Student Council has greatly improved my social and leadership skills. Both junior and senior year. I was extremely active as President of the council. Under my leadership, the council rewrote their constitution, sponsored several student activities, and changed school policies that weren't equipped for modern education. I feel these experiences have prepared me to be a qualified candidate for On Campus Senator. As a Senator, I assure you, your voice will be heard and acted upon. Therefore, I would appreciate your support on election day.

Letter Of Candidacy for Heather Cleary

Hello! My name is Heather Cleary and I am running for re-election for the position of on-campus senator, I feel I would be good for this position because, having been a senator this past year, I already understand the responsibilities and time commitments that this position entails, I also feel as though I am aware of many of the concerns that students have and , If re-elected, I plan to continue working with fellow senators to address these concerns. In closing, I would like to ask for your vote for me, Heather Cleary, for the position of on-campus senator.

Letter Of Candidacy for Amy L. Plack


I am writing this letters not only in the hopes that you will re-elect me as senator, but that you will help me do my job.

I have been a senator for one year now, serving as chair of the Committee on Student Life Issues and Assistant Treasurer for Class III. I have enjoyed both positions immensely, but I most enjoy representing a portion of the student body.

I feel like I am alone, however, because we off-campus students can easily fall out of touch with what is happening on-campus. Why is this? I'm not entirely sure, but I'd really like to help.

I can't do it alone; I need your vote and your help. what problems face you as an off-campus student? Where do you want information posted for you to see what is going on around campus?

If you have an issue, academic or otherwise that you would like to see SGA deal with, feel free to email me, trek@wpi. I will see that your problem is addressed in the proper committee.

It's no a promise - It's my duty as your senator. All I need from you is your issues(s) and your vote this week. Thank you, and look forward to representing you again this year.


Amy L. Plack, Class of '96

Off-Campus Senator

Letter Of Candidacy for Harish Chawla

Dear Students,

I am an international student running for the SGA elections for an on-campus Senatorial position. In the past, I have had student council experience, and have participated in the Model United Nations. This shows that I have had a great deal of experience with organizations similar to the SGA.

To bring it your attention, this is not the only reason why I am running in the election. My primary motive is to act as a bridge between the students and administration. In other words, if you have any issues or ideas, please pursue the relationship between the SGA and the student and I would be delighted to share your concern.

Many do not consider the SGA to be helpful or even and organization, so they do not involve themselves in its affairs. However, the SGA is here to represent you as an entire undergraduate student body. I will do my best to change this poor impression and make the SGA something which everyone can recognize and respect.

In the past, this governing body has taken a number of issues on hand and succeeded, namely closing down West Street and planning the renovation of campus buildings. At the moment, the SGA is involved in other issues concerning change machines in the laundry room, amending the shuttle bus schedule, and overall improving student life.

I am ruining for a Senatorial position in the SGA solely because I believe trying is better that sitting idle. I can assure you that If you have any concerns I would be more that happy than to listen to them and take appropriate action.

I am open to any sort of suggestions, an will work hard to present and continue to represent your wishes to the SGA. However, at this moment I require your help and support to be in a position to help you in the future!!

I encourage all or you to vote in the upcoming elections. This would be your first step towards me and SGA. Thanks for your time. Please remember to vote



Letter Of Candidacy for Kristen Stagg

My name is KRISTEN STAGG and I am currently the Public Relations Committee Chair for Student Government. I have been a Senator for the past year and in D-term of last year I was appointed to chair PR. I have accomplished a few of my goals for SGA through PR, such as having SGA key chains make for the students and creating a pamphlet to let students know more about SGA which was stuffed into all student mailboxes. However, there are more goals that I would like to see achieved, and if I am elected as an On-Campus Senator, I will do my best to see that they are accomplished. I would like to see SGA get more student opinions and to update the campus of what issues SGA is working on and their outcome. I think that SGA does a lot for the students, but many believe all SGA does is hand out money to clubs. SGA does much more, and I believe I can, through PR, convey to the students what SGA is doing for them. When you are voting this week, please remember to VOTE FOR STAGG!!!

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