Letters of Candidacy submitted for SGA elections

SGA Elections begin with electronic voting, February 15 - February 18. On Monday, February 19th, from 9:00am - 5:00pm, paper balloting will be held in Daniels Hall, just outside the mailroom.

Offices to be filled in this election include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Senators-at-Large. There are three candidates for President, four for VP, two each for Secretary and Treasurer, and a record thirteen students are running for the three Senator-at Large seats.

The candidates are listed below in the order in which they will appear on the ballot (a lottery to determine this order was held Friday); letters of candidacy were not required in order to appear on the ballot.


Justin Sprague

This year, the Student Government Elections are about something different. Unlike in years past, they are not only about electing the next set of officers. They are about the future of the student body here at WPI. Student Government at WPI has gained the reputation as an organization that does little for the student body. Many of you are unhappy with the way it is working today.

I am seeking the Presidency to change that. In the past, people have run for this office to chair meetings or attend to the day to day operations of the Senate. My visions of the Presidency are based on advocacy and service. I look to work on behalf of, and provide services to the undergraduate student body.

In my years in Student Government, I have watched organization grow slowly to where it is today. I have watched people from within the Senate work long and hard to build it to the level it is today. But, in order for it to continue to work with the students, it must change. This change must come from the leadership. I will be such a President. I will set both long and short term goals to be achieved. I will work to achieve a level of positive activity unprecedented in past years.

I approach this position with dedication, commitment, and fresh idea for the future. I ask for your help in achieving this change. Only together can we improve the quality of life for all students at WPI. When you go to vote this year, remember Sprague and Snow, leaders to tomorrow's Student Government.

Matthew Freimuth

"The times are a changin'"

-Bob Dylan

Academically, WPI is engaged in many new endeavors. Programs are being worked on to create new concentrations, minors, and majors. And WPI has agreed to take part in a pilot program called "Engineering Criteria 2000" to make our education "outcome based."

As far as the student's non-academic life is concerned, there are many changes on the horizon as well. The institute is planning renovation of the dorms and West Street, and plans are in the works for an incredibly expensive campus center. Our tuition dollars are going far.

It is absolutely necessary in these changing times, that we the students have a powerful voice. Someone must make sure that whatever changes are brought about by WPI's administration, are brought about in the best interest of WPI's biggest asset - its students. I can be that voice.

I have served on SGA for a year and have gained valuable experience. As acting vice-president, I learned how to deal withadministrators and make sure they know what's on our minds. I'm serving as the chairman of the Committee on Student Life Issues and have served on the Committee on Academic Issues, so I know what kinds of issues really concern and effect students. I haven't spent all of my time in SGA trying to improve the Student Government Association, I've spent it trying to improve our lives at WPI. I want to continue. Next week, stand up for students- MATT FREIMUTH for PRESIDENT.

Chizoba Uchendu

Fellow Undergraduates,

Let me introduce myself. I'm Chizzy and I am asking for you to elect me as the next Student Government Association President. There are many issues out there and many feelings toward the Student Government Association and I understand these issues because I too am a student.

If you know me then you know that I have many ideas, I am very energetic, I love a challenge, I can motivate others well and I have proven leadership skills. With all these attributes plus 2 years of experience in SGA I expect to redefine SGA making it a Sudent Oriented Governing Body.

I think the President of SGA has two goals. The first is to work with and be influential in the Administration and the second is to work for the Student Body. I can easily take care of the Administration aspect because I have integrity and am very assertive. But then again when it comes to the students I can be real. I can strike up conversations with anyone and I am not afraid to just hang out with people because it is in my nature. I think I will be a Friendly Student President.

Honestly, I will bring diversity, energy, and a sense of humor. While working with my Vice Presidential running-mate, should he get elected. He will be there to support me and he will see to it that I make good use of my energy.

I was once asked about my feelings toward Greek life. I believe that Greeks are an important part of the WPI experience. They give us a different outlook on the campus community due their volunteer work, social gatherings and all around diversity in the different things they do.

If elected president I will make sure that every student run organization and Greek life is represented and that their voice is heard. How will I do that you ask? Well, elect me president and see what ingenious strategy I have come up with.

Please, lets not make SGA a paper organization that concentrates on only internal affairs, instead, lets transform SGA into a student oriented governing body.

Vote for CHIZZY for President and Craig O'Rourke for Vice President because together we will work for you.

Respectfully submitted,

Chizzy Uchendu


Gregory R. Snow

I write to you today, seeking your support. Your support of a vision... a vision of a Student Government which is a campus leader, a Student Government which is the true voice of the student body, a Student Government which is responsive to the needs of both students and organizations, a Student Government which fulfills its purpose.

For this vision to be realized requires your help. It requires your vote for Justin Sprague for President and Gregory Snow for Vice President. We are committed to this vision. Under our leadership the Vice President would take care of the day to day operations of the Senate to free the President up for realizing goals and advocating for students. It is clear that this is the role that Student Government must take on campus and this vision must be realized. So if not today, then when? If not us,then who?

I ask for your support; that this dream may become a goal and that this goal may become a reality. Please support this vision by supporting us with your vote! For more information about the Sprague / Snow campaign, check out http://www.wpi.edu/~grsnow/election/.

Craig L. O'Rourke II

I do hereby officially announce myself as a candidate for the office of Vice-President of the Student Government Association of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Now in my junior year here at WPI, I feel that I can bring a broad representation to the office of Vice-President both from my various athletic involvements and from my service within the WPI community. If so given the opportunity, I will work in the best interests of the undergraduates and try to heighten the overall awareness of the student body about our institute as it takes appropriate measures to diversify itself and step to the forefront of teaching and research in the coming century. I sincerely hope that on election day, the voters will give me this opportunity. Thank you and here's to a good election.

Cindy M. Vollaro

Hi! My name is Cindy Vollaro, and I am a junior from Derby, CT majoring in Biotechnology. I am running for the position of Vice-President. I have held several leadership positions both in high school and in college. Currently, I am Alumnae chairperson for Phi Sigma Sigma, Vice-President of Cheerleading, and a PLA for BB1010. I am also serving my second year as a SGA senator.

I have fully researched the duties the Vice-President position entails, and I feel that I am well suited for the position. I believe that I can offer support to the President and help him fulfill his duties. I also think that I would be a good liaison between the Executive Board and the Committee Heads. I have an incredible amount of enthusiasm and feel that is a necessary quality for this high energy position.

I am open to input from all students about issues they feel need to be addressed. I believe I can handle such issues without being biased, and pass the ideas about them to the Senate.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve the WPI community in this capacity.

Timothy Adams

(No letter of candidacy was submitted)


Jennx Yambert

I became involved in SGA during A-Term, when I was appointed Parliamentarian. Though it isn't part of the duties of my position, I have become an active member of two SGA committees: the Committee on Academic Issues and the Committee on Student Life Issues. My term as Parliamentarian ends with the election of the new Executive Board, but I would like to continue to serve the student body as a member of SGA.

I am running for the office of Secretary because I feel that it's important to have dedicated people elected to the SGA Executive Board. The Secretary has several duties that directly influence both the smooth running of Senate meetings and other SGA functions. As Parliamentarian, I have had some experience helping Senate meetings run according to proper procedure, and I

know the importance of the Secretary's responsibilities. I want to be elected SGA Secretary so I can continue to work to enhance both SGA's inner workings and its service to the WPI community.

Robert Polin

My name is Robert Polin, and I'm running for the position of SGA secretary. I'm a transfer from Bridgewater State College, and I have a lot of new and industrious ideas that I hope to implement here. I feel I'm very qualified for the position, I was my class secretary my sophomore, junior, and senior year, and also I'm the secretary of the WPI Freestyle Wrestling Club. I'm a varsity wrestler for WPI, I'm the secretary of the pledge class of Phi Kappa Theta. I'm a good leader and a role model, therefore, I feel I'm very qualified for this position.


Mickey Lacroix

I am running for the office of treasurer of the undergraduate Student Government Association. I feel that I am qualified and

capable of both handling the job of treasurer responsibly and improving the budgeting process as it currently stands.

I am currently the assistant treasurer for Class Two organizations and serve on the Appropriations committee, which is chaired by the treasurer. This and past experience as treasurer for a Class One organization have enabled me to see the current budgeting process intimately.

I hope that you will consider voting for me, because I am confident that I'm the right person for the job.

Lance Baden

My name is Lance Baden, I am running for Treasurer at the Student Government. I am a transfer from Brandeis University. I am a wrestler here and I see the need for increased funds toward the athletic department. I am also a member of the greek system and see the help that the social life here needs. I am resolved to help WPI become the great school it can be. I want to do as much as I can to help my fellow students. I was class secretary in high school and have experience in student government and know my services will be useful.


Eric Pauly

My name is Eric Pauly and I am a sophomore Civil Engineering Student running for one of the SGA senator at large positions. I am running for this position for the following reasons: I believe that when issues concerning the greek community at WPI come before the current SGA and the school administration, the results are usually not in favor of this portion of the student body. The greek system plays an intricate role the WPI community. It provides one of the few social opportunities that

this school offers. It also does a great deal of service work for WPI as a whole. I believe that since the greek system here entails such a large portion of the student body, it should be better represented through the SGA when making school-wide decisions. I also believe that WPI should try harder to organize more large scale social events for the entire student body.

This is an area where WPI could greatly improve upon. If I was elected senator, I would try my hardest to turn these views turn into a reality. Your vote is your voice, SPEAK LOUDLY! Vote Eric F. Pauly for senator at large.

Eduardo Oliveira Jr.

I am announcing my candidacy for the position of Senator at Large of the Student Government Association. As Senator at Large it will be my mission to ensure that the voice of the student body is heard. I plan to do so by getting the opinion of the student body directly from the source.

Anyone who would like to voice their opinion will be able to e-mail me at oliveira@wpi.edu or reach me through conventional mail at W.P.I. Box 740. They can also use my e-mail address and sga@wpi.edu to ask questions.

How often have the members of the student body found out what the S.G.A. is doing only after it has decided on an issue. As Senator at Large, I will strive to give the student body information as to what the S.G.A. is planning before a decision is made on an issue, thus giving the students deserved power in the student government.

One may find out information about my campaign on the WWW at: http://www.wpi.edu/~oliveira and http://www.wpi.edu/~oliveira/sen.html

I thank the members of the student body for nominating me for this position. I hope to serve them well in the future.

Jeremy Olszewski

By this letter, I, Jeremy P. Olszewski, am announcing my candidacy for a Senator-At-Large postion in the WPI Student Government Association. I have served for the past year as a Senator-At-Large. In that time I believe I have done an effective job as a Senator and as the Chairperson of the Committee on Policies and Procedures. By this announcement let it be known that my desire is to continue to serve and represent the WPI student body in a fair and effective manner.

Jen M. Johnson

Hello, my name is Jennifer M. Johnson. I am a junior biochemistry major. I am running for the position of Senator at Large in the WPI Student Government Association. I am currently the secretary of the WPI pep band and a second-year PLA for BB1010-BB1020.

I believe that it is important for the undergraduate student body to be informed of and participate in the making of policies of the WPI community. I try to be as informed as possible about the different issues concerning our campus, and I always welcome input from anyone.

I believe that I will be a good Senator, and hope to be able to represent the WPI community in this way.

Kurt Deschler

My name is Kurt Deschler and I am running for SGA Senator at large. This is why I believe that I would be a good candidate for membership. I am very active in my fraternity and I feel it would be beneficial to incorporate the Greek students into campus life. There are many activities that go on around campus that can be improved greatly if the Greek community were involved. I would like to try to get the Greek community involved to help coordinate and develop some of the school's

events. The school doesn't seem to want to get us involved, but the Greeks can do a lot for the school if given a chance. I am an officer in Sigma Pi which shows that I have good leadership skills. One of my talents is that I can motivate people. What we need is action by the students to show what we really want. If we can break the communication barrier between us, we can be more productive in bettering student lifestyles.

The following candidates are also running for Senator-at-Large, but did not submit letters of candidacy:

Craig Henricksen, Kevin Hardiman, Brian Beaton, Kenneth Morse, Brett Fricke, John Genereaux, Terry Fay, Doug Olsen

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