Mousetrap boat competition tests student's creativity

by Ed Cameron - Photography Editor

Last Saturday, twenty-seven students took part in the annual "Build a Mousetrap Boat" competition organized by Tau Beta Pi and sponsored by Lockheed-Martin. The students, working in teams, were presented with the task of building a boat powered by a mousetrap and/or rubber band from the materials provided which consisted of a 2-liter plastic bottle, cardboard, an aluminum can, a wood dowel, a ruler, two drinking straws, a coat hanger, string, and hot glue.

Once the designs were completed, they were tested in Alumni Pool in four categories: distance, speed, buoyancy, and looks. All the boats did well in the water despite a few drive failures and sinkings. The winning team consisting of Derek Bond, Nathan Gronda, Eric Wilhelm, and Siu Ng took home a $200 check courtesy of Lockheed-Martin for their boat which did well in all categories.

The other participants were Gregory Murphy, Leanne Stackpole, Stefan Caporale, Aimee Murawski, Matt Connors, Matt Stone, Josh Brotherton, Mike Shear, Gabe Flores, Mike Morano, Joe Markiewicz, Thomas Parent, Patrick Sharkey, Keisuke Watanabe, Christopher Capalbo, Ravi Chauhan, Jordan Massad, John Toscano, John Markow, Jim Strickland, Dave Bowler, Seth Kintigh, and Erick Thiemke.
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