WPI launches new web site window on the world

Courtesy of WPI Media Relations

A showcase for the programs and opportunities at Worcester Polytechnic Institute was unveiled today, Jan. 4, when the University introduced a new look of its Web Site at http://www.wpi.edu.

"This new design, which will help us spotlight our programs and opportunities, features many more photographs, new graphics and enhanced navigational aids," said Amy L. Marr, WPI Web coordinator.

The most striking feature of the new design provides a colorful window on WPI's world. Each time visitors open the page they will see a different photograph. Each photo is linked to an essay that describes one of the University's strengths.

"Through this rotating series of photographs, each with its own story attached, will be able to demonstrate in a powerful way our heritage of innovation, our unique and exciting programs, and excellence in technology," said Helen M. Shuster, director of WPI's Gordon Library and chair of the University's Web Committee.

The design also includes a simple navigation bar that provides links to a variety of topics, departments and levels of information. The new home page includes incoporates a "quick search" feature that connects directly to anyone or anything on the WPI Web.

A preview of the new Web Site has been available for a month, allowing insiders a glimpse of things to come. "We have a wide variety of programs," reads an on-line preview of WPI's new site. "The education we offer is on the highest quality and is a good value. We are constantly evolving and improving to meet the ever-changing demands of our students and society. We have what the world wants. But how do we convince everyone to come inside and look around?"

Marr notes that a presence in cyberspace is one way to invite people inside your world, WPI is constantly changing. Now its Web site offers a continually evolving window on WPI's world.

Those who have logged into web sites studded with photographs may have found it slow going. But the WPI site won't have that problem, according to Marr.

"With today's technologies, we have been able to highly compress the photos, allowing more colorful and larger photos throughout the site without slowing down the loading of the pages too much," she said.

One aspect of the Web site that didn't change is its structure. "From feedback, we found that the site is well organized and user friendly," said Michael W. Dorsey, WPI director of communications, who also serves on the Web Committee.

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