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Volume 103, No. 3, Fall 2002

Volume 102, No. 3, Fall 2002

Winged Victory Aeronautical engineer Richard Whitcomb '43 developed some of the most important principles in high-speed flight. Now, he says, there's nothing left to discover. By Ray Bert '93

On a Wing and a Fuel Cell Next year, while the world looks back 100 years to the start of the Air Age, Jim Dunn '67 hopes his electric airplane will get people thinking about aviation's next century. By Vicki Sanders

Achieving Liftoff: A New Generation Unless the next crop of scientists and engineers includes more women and minorities, experts say America will lose its competitive edge. In this special report we examine the "pipeline problem" and find out how WPI is part of the solution. By Laurance S. Morrison

The Magic in the Molecules From bandages that change color to flag an infection to badges that detect biotoxins, Mitch Sanders '88 is teaching proteins some extraordinarily useful tricks. By Joan Killough-Miller
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