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Catalog of the 19th Century Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the United States, Second Edition

Allen Mintz '48, Editor
The United Postal Stationery Society Inc.

The UPSS is an international organization of collectors that publishes reference works devoted primarily, but not exclusively, to postal stationery. In his foreword to the new edition, Mintz writes that postal stationery, once a stepchild in the world of philately, has come of age, as evidenced by the rare and fine items that sell for many times the prices suggested by auction house catalogs. A longtime collector and the author of many articles, Mintz is retired as treasurer of Chain Construction Co.

Rethinking Democratic Accountability

by Robert D. Behn '63
Brookings Institution Press

Behn examines the conflict between accountability--that is, how government accomplishes its work--and performance--meaning what the government actually accomplishes. Arguing that too much focus on bookkeeping and procedural compliance actually hampers performance, he proposes a "new public-administration paradigm" that he claims balances ethics with effectiveness. Behn, a visiting professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, is the author of Leadership Counts: Lessons for Public Managers, co-editor of Innovation in American Government: Challenges, Opportunities, and Dilemmas and co-author of Quick Analysis for Busy Decision Makers.

The Pilot Plant Real Book: A Unique Handbook for the Chemical Process Industry

by Francis X. McConville '76
FXM Engineering and Design; available through

Just as jazz musicians rely on a "real book" with chord charts for standard tunes, process chemists now have a comprehensive reference guide that puts frequently used information at their fingertips. The Pilot Plant Real Book compiles a wealth of essential data on commonly used reagents, reactions and procedures in a handy wire-bound format. The book includes safety guidelines, equipment descriptions, and tips for efficient operation. Extensive tables, graphs and diagrams show chemical and thermal properties, abbreviations, mathematical formulae, and other listings useful to

anyone involved in scaling up new chemical processes for commercialization. McConville, who now operates FXM Engineering and Design, a Worcester-based consulting business, has over 26 years of experience in industry and performs on bluegrass and jazz mandolin with several area bands.
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