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Mass Academy Honors its Supporters

The Mass Academy of Mathematics and Science at WPI graduated its 10th class in May 2002, and celebrated the occasion by giving awards to those who were instrumental in the school's founding. Honored by the public math and science high school were:

Arthur Chase, former state senator, who received a special citation.

Matthew Amorello, former state senator, now a commissioner of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.

John Durkin, former Worcester school superintendent.

Kevin O'Sullivan, former state representative, now vice president for development at the Massachusetts Biomedical Institute.

Paul Reville, executive director of the Alliance for Education and co-director of the Pew Forum at the Harvard School of Education.

James Harrington, counselor for former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, now CEO of Dolphin Resource Group.

Richard Burke, then aide to state senator Chase, now director of government relations for the Fallon Community Health Plan.

Thomas Keil, first academy program director, now head of WPI's Physics Department.

Leah Vetter, first academy director, now an international consultant for teacher training.

David Driscoll, former assistant commissioner, now commissioner of education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Michael Sentence, former officer to the Massachusetts Secretary of Education, now with the U.S. Department of Education.

Jon Strauss, former president of WPI, now president of Harvey Mudd College.

Pauline Lamarche, originally a computer science teacher at the academy, and now the school's principal.

Lance Schachterle, assistant provost for academic affairs at WPI and a key player in bringing the vision of the academy to fruition.
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