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Employee Benefits for the Contingent Workforce

by Alden J. Bianchi '74

Bureau of National Affairs Inc.
This detailed analysis addresses employment issues that arise with contingent or alternative workers, such as independent contractors, leased employees, freelancers and part-time, seasonal or temporary employees. "As globalization and e-commerce have changed the employment landscape, employers have increasingly relied upon temporary, contract or other contingent employees, and have been faced with the question of how to compensate these contingent workers," says Bianchi. "Our current employment laws were never designed to cover employment issues of this nature."

Bianchi is a partner and chair of the Employee Benefits practice at Mirick O'Connell. He holds a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School, an LL.M. from Georgetown Law Center and an LL.M in taxation from Boston University's Graduate Tax Program.

Sex, Death and Travel

by Morgan Rosenberg '95

iUniverse Inc.
"From a one-act play I wrote in college, to a (soon to be) major motion picture, SEX DEATH AND TRAVEL has come a long way," says Rosenberg, who is at work on the screenplay. His Web site, has a link back to the New Voices drama festival site, where it all began.

Lean Enterprise Value: Insights from MIT's Lean Aerospace Initiative

Myles Walton '97 and 12 co-authors from MIT's LAI

Palgrave Publishers
Members of MIT's Lean Aerospace Initiative share their vision for the future of the aerospace industry. The book offers a close look at the history, values and culture of aerospace, and formulates a new vision, with the concept of "lean" as a framework for transformation.

Walton earned an S.M. and a Ph.D. in aeronautics and astronautics from MIT. He currently covers the aerospace and defense sectors for Morgan Stanley.
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