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Nick Carparelli '90: Patriots point person

From left, Quarterback Drew Bledsoe, Carparelli and Coach Bill Belichick.

"I think the average male in New England would do my job for free," says Nick Carparelli, director of operations for the New England Patriots. "I'd be lying if I didn't say that I enjoy watching the games from the sidelines and being right there among the players and the coaches."

Those are the perks. The headaches can include airport delays, no-show ground transportation, and hotel lobbies jammed with expectant fans. Crunch time begins the Friday before an away game, when Carparelli flies out to prepare for the team's arrival, and doesn't end until he's seen everyone safely back to Foxboro. "When we land at the airport in Providence, and I look out the window and see the team buses, then I relax," he says.

On game day, it's up to Carparelli to make sure that everything works, from the coaches' headsets to the players' parking to the post-game party tent. Between games he works with many other managers and departments and, of course, with Coach Bill Belichick. "He's tremendous," says Carparelli. "He's very, very organized and specific about what he wants, which makes my job a lot easier." During the off-season Carparelli spends months planning and overseeing the Patriots' pre-season training camp at Bryant College.

In a nutshell, operations management of a professional sports franchise entails everything it takes to keep the players and coaching staff happy. "This is a pretty high-pressure business," Carparelli reminds fans. "Coaches and players get hired and fired all the time. Their careers are very short. They work hard all year long, but it all comes down to just 16 days." To minimize the stress surrounding those days, he runs interference to deflect the many distractions that could affect the team's performance on the field.

Carparelli, who describes himself as a "fanatical sports fan," captained the WPI basketball team as a senior and played basketball and golf. Before joining the Patriots last year, he handled football operations for Syracuse University and Notre Dame. A native of Cheshire, Conn., he grew up with split loyalties, following the Giants, the Yankees and the Celtics. Nick and his wife, Rene, live in Cumberland, R.I.


Nick Carparelli '90 ("Patriot's Point Man") has moved on from his job with the New England Patriots to become assistant commissioner for football for the Big East Conference. As the conference's primary contact for football, his responsibilities include working with coaches, athletic directors and bowl representatives on policy, scheduling, television coverage and operations.
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