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While it is difficult to predict how our times will look one hundred years from now, it is likely that the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, will be remembered as one of the most important news stories of the 21st century. In particular, the destruction of the World Trade Center and the investigation of the collapse of the center's towers were the subjects of uncounted articles, broadcasts and Web postings since last September.

Reporters covering this story have turned to the nation's leading experts on engineering, building design and construction, and other technical fields for answers to tough questions about what happened to the World Trade Center after its towers were hit by speeding jetliners. For questions about issues related to fire and fire protection engineering, many have come to WPI, widely recognized as the home of the world's premier program for research and education in the field.

In the days and months after the attacks, David Lucht, director of WPI's Center for Firesafety Studies, and Jonathan Barnett, professor of fire protection engineering and a member of the FEMA/ASCE team that investigated the World Trade Center disaster, were in great demand by the news media and were quoted in dozens of news stories that placed WPI and its faculty expertise before millions of readers, viewers and Web site visitors worldwide.

Here is a sampling of the extensive coverage WPI and its faculty experts have received in the months since Sept. 11.


Associated Press (Barnett was cited in several AP articles on the FEMA/ASCE report that were published in The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, The Orlando Sentinel, Atlanta Constitution and other papers on May 2.) Read the article.

Atlanta Constitution (Barnett was interviewed about the World Trade Center investigation on Nov. 29.)

Baltimore Sun (Barnett was cited in a May 9 article on the FEMA/ASEE report.)

The Boston Globe (Barnett was interviewed in the April 9 edition on the analysis of the World Trade Center collapse.)

New York Times (an article on the collapse of Trade Center Building 7, including an interview with Barnett, appeared in the Nov. 29 editions of The Times and the Chicago Tribune; "A Search for Clues in Towers' Collapse," including WPI's preliminary analysis of the steel structures, appeared on Sunday, Feb. 3; Lucht was interviewed for a front-page article, "U.S. Report on Trade Center Fire Echoes Lessons of Past Disasters," on April 2; a photo of Barnett speaking before the House Science Committee appeared on May 2.)

Philadelphia Inquirer ("The Mystery of September 11: What made 'No. 7' fall?" with quotes form Barnett, appeared on May 10.)

Worcester Telegram and Gazette (Lucht was quoted in a Sept. 12 article titled "No Way to Protect Towers"; "The forensics of 9-11," quoting Barnett, ran on April 30.)

USA Today (articles on FEMA/ASCE report, quoting Barnett, ran on May 2.) Read the article.

Washington Post (An article on the FEMA/ASCE report appeared on May 1)


Architectural Record (Lucht was interviewed in an article on the WTC collapse in the October 2001 issue.)

Engineering News Record (Barnett was quoted extensively in an article titled "New Standards for Tall Targets," regarding the need to examine whether super high-rise buildings need to be designed differently in the wake of the terrorist attacks, in the May 13 issue.) Read the article.

The New Yorker ("The Tower Builder: How the Trade Center stood, and how it fell," an article by John Seabrook that quotes Lucht, appeared in the November 19th issue.) Read the article.

Science (Barnett was interviewed, along with the ASCE team investigating the collapse of World Trade Center towers, in "World Trade Center: After the Fall," in the November 2001 issue.)

Broadcast News

BBC Channel 4 in Britain (Barnett was interviewed on Dec. 12; the program aired in the United States in January.)

C-SPAN (the cable public affairs channel covered the presentation of the FEMA/ASCE report to House Committee on Science on May 1.)

CTV Television in Canada (Barnett was interviewed on May 1.)

Jim Lehrer News Hour on PBS (Barnett was interviewed on May 1.)

NOVA on PBS (the award-winning science program premiered "Why the Towers Fell," an overview of the forensic engineering following the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, on April 30. Barnett was interviewed, and the metallurgical work by Professors Ronald Biederman and Richard Sisson was described.) More information is available on the program Web site.

Talk of the Nation Science Friday on NPR (Barnett was a guest on May 3) . Listen to the broadcast.

Voice of America (an interview with Lucht appeared on "Our World," a program that reaches 80 to 90 million listeners worldwide.) The program is archived at www.voanews.com.

WORC-AM in Worcester (an interview with Barnett appeared on "Ask the Attorney" on May 29)

Web Sites/Programs

ABC News, CNN and MSNBC (the networks reported on the findings of the FEMA/ASCE report and Barnett on their Web sites and Webcasts.)

Don&Carla Show (Lucht was interviewed on this Webcast on Sept. 12) The broadcast is archived at www.donandcarla.net.

Firehouse.com (the May 10 edition reported on the findings of the FEMA/ASCE report, quoting Barnett). Read the article.

TECHTV (Lucht appeared on the Sept. 13 edition of "Screensaver," a live interview broadcast via satellite and cable television to 75 million Americans.) The broadcast is archived at www.techtv.com.

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