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The editors of Transformations have compiled the following Web links and added content to augment the articles and features in the Spring 2002 issue and enable you to further explore the topics touched on in the magazine. These links and additional features are also presented with individual articles on this Web site. We welcome your thoughts on this material - please use our feedback form.

Special Web Feature: Visions of the World to Come

On November 30, 2001, WPI gathered a panel of visionaries to discuss their ideas about the technological advances in transportation, medicine, computer science and many other fields that might come to pass in the next 100 years. Called Imagining the Future, the event was a fascinating, thought-provoking 180-minute voyage into the world to come.

Among the highlights of this forward-looking symposium was a virtual visit by legendary science fiction author Arthur C. Clark, who joined the proceedings by video and telephone from his home in Sri Lanka.

We're happy to give Transformations readers the chance to relieve this memorable morning. Visit the Imagining the Future home page to watch the complete video of the event, hear all the insights of panelists Ray Kurzweil, Allison Taunton-Rigby and David Cyganski, and hear the "Voices of the Future," special video segments with views on the future from children. You'll also find the complete transcript of the event.

Back Cover Photo

Transformations is making prints of this photo available to readers for a limited time. See the order form for more information.

Starting Point (Page 1)

The new WPI television commercial is just one of the features you'll find on WPI's Marketing Program Web page. Stop there to learn more about the program and what we hope to gain from it. If you have comments about the program, share them with other readers in the Marketing Forum in the Alumni Café.

Campus Buzz (pages 4 & 6)

Find out more about the award-winning research by WPI's two new CAREER Award winners, Kathryn Fisler and Nokolaos Kazantzis, by visiting their home pages. Visit the RoboNautica Web site and read about the next tournament, scheduled for this winter. The Web site for the Second International Roundtable on Emerging Technologies has the complete program for the conference on molecular engineering. Finally, you can watch Dean Kamen's Commencement address and the addresses by President Parrish and the senior class representative, and read the citations for WPI's 2002 honorary degree recipients, at the WPI 134th Commencement Web site.

A Few Words (page 5)

Curtis R. Carlson '67, the subject of this installment of "A Few Words," received the Robert H. Goddard Alumni Award for Professional Achievement at Reunion in June. Read the citation for his award.

Inside WPI (page 7)

To learn more about the scholarship that has made Kent Ljungquist and Wesley Mott the "go-to guys" when the subject is American literature from the 19th century, look at this list of their books (and order a copy or two from Amazon.com). WPI's English faculty has other authorities on American literature. They include Lance Schachterle's, whose new scholarly edition of James Fenimore Cooper's The Spy was recently published. Read this press release about this special edition of Cooper's classic work.

Investigations (page 8)

Find out more about Ross Shonat's research on diabetic retinopathy by visiting his home page. You can explore Malcolm Ray groundbreaking work on highway barriers, and see films of crash tests and computer simulations, at his home page and the page of WPI's Highway Infrastructure Program.

Explorations (page 10)

Visit Fabio Carrera's home page to learn more about his accomplishments as director of WPI's project centers in Venice and Boston and to read material on his Ph.D. work in urban planning at MIT. To explore in more detail the goals and outcomes of the six projects completed at the Boston Project Center this spring, peruse these executive summaries:

Hearing Voices (page 12)

Visit the National Transportation Safety Board's Web site to learn more about how the NTSB investigates aviation accidents and incidents, read more about black boxes and how they work, and read reports on actual accident investigations. To learn more about Anna Cushman, read an interview by Ray Bert '93 with Eugene Cushman '01, Anna's younger brother. Find out how Anna Cushman's spectral analysis of the cockpit voice recorder tape from the Learjet that crashed in North Dakota in 1999 with golfer Payne Stewart aboard helped pull back the curtain on the mystery of this unusual accident.

After the Fall (page 17)

Read the complete report of the Building Performance Assessment Team on the collapse of the World Trade Center towers at the Web site of the House Committee on Science. Visit the home page of WPI's Center for Firesafety Studies to learn more about this world-renowned center for research and education in fire protection engineering. Find out more about the work of WPI's materials science faculty at the home page for the Materials Science and Engineering Program. Finally, read about the extensive nationwide news coverage earned by Jonathan Barnett and other WPI faculty members who participated in the World Trade Center building performance study.

More than a Face in the Crowd (page 22)

To find out more about the facial recognition technology described in this issue of Transformations, visit the Web site for Viisage Technologies.

The Unseen City (page 27)

See more of Kirk Jalbert's photography and find out how to order prints of his work at his Web site.

Alumni Association News (page 30)

Read the complete citations for all of the alumni awards presented at Reunion at the Distinguished Alumni Awards page.

Time Machine (page 47)

Visit the online WPI Archives to learn more about its treasures from WPI's history.

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