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Volume 102, No. 1, Winter 2002

Volume 102, No. 1, Winter 2002

Leveling the Playing Field A sophisticated personal transportation system that can balance like a human being? No, it's not IT, it's the IBOT, another brainchild of inventor Dean Kamen '73. By Joan Killough-Miller

Hitting Her Stride Five short years ago, Christine Clifton '94 could hardly finish a marathon. Today, she is one of the best long-distance runners in the world. By Joan Killough-Miller

Clearing the Air When Gregory Wirzbicki '68 wrote a patent application for cleaner-burning gasoline, he didn't know he'd set off a historic battle over intellectual property. By Michael W. Dorsey

Thinking small WPI faculty members and students are helping drive a micro-revolution that will transform the way electricity is generated and delivered. By Laurance S. Morrison and Michael W. Dorsey

Recharged Robert Stempel '55 left his post as chairman of General Motors intent on helping make electric vehicles a reality. In a new career, he's doing that and more. By Laurance S. Morrison

September 11, 2001 The terrorist attacks touched many WPI alumni in many ways. They were also the impetus for a moving e-mail dialog between alumni and their alma mater. By Joan Killough-Miller

Photo illustration by Patrick O'Connor and Steven Pascal. Special thanks to Timothy R. Roughan '82, vice president, Mass Electric Company (National Grid).
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