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The IBOT Could Roll Over Life's Little Indignities

By Deborah R. Ellstrom, Data Analyst for the Chronic Disease Management Program at Family Health Center of Worcester

As a chair user who has tried various manual chairs over the past 30 years, I was intrigued by the IBOT. When offered the chance to be present at a demonstration of this stair-crawling machine, I gladly agreed. I have to say, if the IBOT lives up to its demo, it will certainly permit me to do things that I can't do in a standard chair.

But it's not the dramatic options that are so important. I probably wouldn't elevate the seat to be at eye-level with someone during conversations, and I probably wouldn't take it out to dance "upright" at some club. For me, the small indignities associated with wheelchair use are the most irritating, and this new device could help me overcome them in a number of ways. For example:

I live a fairly normal life, with the help of my chair. The IBOT would not make my life more normal, but it would certainly decrease the amount of daily irritations I face and lessen my dependence upon good-hearted strangers.

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