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Get Off and Push: The Story of the Gilmore & Pittsburgh Railroad

by Thornton Waite ’71
Brueggenjohann/Reese Inc.

Thornton Waite’s latest book on Idaho railroad history tells the story of a line that should never have been built. Designed by a WPI graduate—Nathan Rockwood, Class of 1907—it was completed in 1910 to serve a mine that never produced enough ore traffic to make it profitable. Today, only a few old railroad ties and cars remain. Waite’s other books include historical works on the Yellowstone and Montana branches of the Union Pacific. He says that he intends to keep his day job as a project engineer with Bechtel Idaho.

Space: A Photo & Fact Anthology (2004 Calendar)

by Scott Mathews ’82
Accord Publishing Ltd.

Each page of this “page-a-day” desk calendar features a glossy color photograph with an informative caption written by the Steward Observatory’s principal engineer, Scott Mathews. The striking images come from the Hubble Space Telescope and from Voyager, Viking and other NASA missions. They include spectacular views of planets, stars and galaxies, along with photographs of the spacecraft and astronauts who made the missions possible. Important dates in the history of space exploration are noted, along with cosmic events to observe. There is also space to note your own appointments and events back here on Earth.

Virtual LEGO: The Official Guide to LDraw Tools for Windows

by Ahui Herrera ’00 (MBA) (with co-authors Tim Courtney and Steve Bliss)
No Starch Press

LDraw is a suite of 3-D modeling software that lets LEGO® enthusiasts create computer models without actually buying (and storing!) thousands of the tiny plastic interlocking bricks. Herrera and his colleagues at have created a handbook for the virtual LEGO community of enthusiasts. This comprehensive guide shows readers how to construct original structures using compatible CAD software and how to create precise documentation so those spectacular projects can be replicated or shared with friends. The companion CD-ROM (included) provides all the software needed to get started. Herrera, who works for the U.S. Department of Defense as a federal investigator, is founder and president of A&M Productions, a small company that specializes in software applications of toy enthusiasts. He also manages the help desk and tutorial sections of
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