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Two Awards Are Better Than One

Since its inception in 1974, WPI's Global Perspective Program has sent more than 4,000 students abroad (currently about 500 students a year--more students of science and engineering than any other American university). The program embodies the best that WPI has to offer in the way of nurturing technological humanists: scientists and engineers with a deeper understanding of the world around them.

And we're not the only ones who say so. Last fall, NAFSA: Association of International Educators selected WPI as one of 16 schools "doing exemplary work to internationalize the campus," out of 120 nominees. NAFSA will highlight WPI's program in a major report due out this month, and again at its annual conference in May.

Educators benefit from the global programs, too. About half of WPI's 220-member faculty have advised a global project, with more than 60 teachers advising students off campus. It's just this kind of exceptional faculty development program that got the attention of TIAA-CREF's Theodore M. Hesburgh Award committee. In February, WPI was one of just four schools awarded a Certificate of Excellence for its enhancement of undergraduate teaching and learning. WPI was commended for equipping its faculty to handle unconven-tional roles beyond the class- room necessitated by the global program, making sure educators have the skills to help students succeed educationally as well as cope with safety, social and behavioral issues. On behalf of WPI, Paul Davis, dean of the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division, accepted the award and a $5,000 cash prize at a ceremony in February.

Global Perspective Program: By the Numbers

From the latest round of President's IQP Awards (for interactive projects), here are some interesting numbers:

2Hours WPI students spent hiking to the Thai village of Kre Khi from nearest road passable to vehicles
0Kilowatts the village of Kre Khi gets from Thailand's national power grid
10Kilowatts the WPI-designed microhydro system can provide Kre Khi
840Cost in U.S. dollars to build the microhydro system, and to purchase a television and VCR
840Grant in U.S. dollars by the American Women's Club of Thailand to implement the system
20Percentage of Bangkok's population that has lost homes to fire in the last 15 years
2Average time in minutes it takes Bangkok's volunteer fire department to respond to calls
20Average time in minutes Bangkok Electric Board spends in traffic before arriving at fire scene to cut off power so fire fighting can begin
0 Minutes needed for power cutoff after WPI-designed communications system is in place
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