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A Braver/Goshgarian Bibliography

Flashback (2004)
A miracle cure for Alzheimer's disease works too well, bringing back long-buried traumatic memories and resurrecting clues to an unsolved murder. If you could relive your childhood, would you? What if you had no choice?
Gray Matter (2002)
A top-secret surgical procedure with a million-dollar price tag can enhance the intelligence of children from wealthy families. But what is the real cost, and what are the consequences for those who ask too many questions?
Elixir (2000)
When a scientist discovers the formula for an "eternal youth" compound, his family refuses to join him in immortality.
The Stone Circle (1997)
Supernatural spirits beckon from an archeological dig in Boston Harbor, where a billion-dollar casino-resort is under construction. (A 1998 Guild/Mystery Club selection)
Rough Beast (1995)
In a small Massachusetts town, a 12-year-old boy becomes the victim of a government-sponsored genetic engineering experiment.
Atlantis Fire (1980)
Divers searching for ancient treasures stumble on the entrance to the lost city of Atlantis. Their dangerous quest pits them against corruption, greed--and an active volcano.
Dialogues: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader (with Kathleen Krueger and Janet Minc); Exploring Language; The Contemporary Reader; Crossfire (with Kathleen Krueger); Horrorscape: An Anthology of Modern Horror Fiction
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