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Notes From Higgins House

In the last issue I noted three key goals for the Alumni Association. At mid-year, I'm happy to report we have made progress on each of them.

First, the marketing effort has reached the action phase. Under the leadership of Joyce Kline '87, we have identified a number of ways that alumni can help. The marketing program aims to attract a larger and more diverse pool of applicants by increasing awareness of WPI. Many of you already help by serving as Alumni Ambassadors and volunteers, reaching out to prospective students and their parents to explain why the WPI experience is special and how it is different.

Our second goal was to increase communication between the association and all members of the WPI family. We are now speaking to alums regularly through the Gateway, Transfor-mations, and the recently-launched e-newsletter The Bridge. Our objective is to keep all of you informed about what's happening at WPI and what programs and services are available to you. We welcome feedback on how we can improve--let us know what information you want from WPI and how you would like to receive it.

Our third goal was to see how we stack up against our competitors when it comes to providing service to our alumni. We look forward to the final report from Fred Costello '59 and Jennifer Riddell, assistant director of alumni relations, on our alumni programs benchmarking effort. We'll report back to you in a future issue of the magazine.

As we move forward on these goals, we've also begun a new project. The Alumni Cabinet and the Alumni Leadership Council are studying the critical issue of career development--the support that WPI provides its alumni when they need help finding employment or hiring other alums. The Career Development division of the association, chaired by Bill Krein '62, is leading the charge. Initially they will be assessing our resources and looking for ways to increase our overall efforts in this area, one we know is important to all alumni.

Dusty Klauber '67
President, WPI Alumni Association
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