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Volume 103, No. 2, Summer 2003

Volume 103, No. 2, Summer 2003

Rise of the Black Hawk Dave Jenney '53 helped spawn the Black Hawk helicopter, a machine that changed the face of American combat. By Arny Spielberg

The View From Seven Sea Street Behind the scenes with Nantucket innkeeper Matthew Parker '85, plus words of wisdom from other alumni B&B owners. By Joan Killough-Miller

What's Next? The Class of 2003 has weathered war, terrorism and corporate scandals. Find out what the future holds for some of WPI's newest alumni. By Carol Cambo

Fast Company Whether founding startups or zooming around on one of his many motorcycles, Shane Chalke '73 travels in the fast lane. By Ray Bert '93

The second-floor elevator of Higgins Laboratories does not deliver its passengers onto a country road somewhere in Worcester County, but we think the juxtaposed images beg the question: What's next for the Class of 2003?
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