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The Executive

Janelle A. Smith - Senior Configuration Specialist

Major: Management engineering, with a concentration in finance

What's Next: General Electric Co., Lynn, Mass.

Salary: "Enough to start saving for a beach house!"

My WPI: "I transferred here from the University of Rhode Island after discovering that it wasn't the right school for me. I liked WPI because even though I was focused on finance, I also got the math and science background. The project program put me ahead of the pack in terms of job opportunities. I did my major project with Lehman Bros. in Manhattan. I had two job offers in the city, but ultimately I decided New York wasn't for me; too fast-paced, too expensive, and too far away from friends and family."

The Real Janelle: "I'm a driven and assertive person--which can drive others crazy! And, I love to shop."

Five Years Out: "Married, MBA, Six Sigma certified, still with GE. In 10 years, I'll own a home on the beach."

Little-Known Fact: "My favorite thing is to spend an entire day, 8-to-5, on the beach. It's untouched beauty to me."

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