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The Vet

Christina M. Watson - Veterinary Student

Major: Biochemistry, with a minor in international studies

What's Next: University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine

Tuition: $40,000/year

My WPI: "When I was interviewing for vet school, I was asked, 'Why are you taking the hardest path to become a veterinarian [pursuing a biochemistry degree rather than an animal science degree at a community college]?' I answered that I love to know why things happen, the science of things. Also, if I didn't get into vet school, I knew I'd have a great degree to fall back on. The project program made a difference, too. I did my interactive project at a zoo in Australia and worked at the Tufts vet school for my major project, studying prolactin levels in rats."

Five Years Out: "I hope to work as a racetrack veterinar-ian with horses. It's exciting, I did it as a summer job, but it's male dominated--much like WPI! If not, then working at a small animal practice."

Little-Known Fact: "Watson" has a hamster named Lola.

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