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Letters to the Editor


I really enjoy Transformations. I read about people I know and learn fascinating information. Nice work.

Danielle LaMarre Degnan ’89
Canton, Mass.

WPI: from the outside in

In April my son, Max, who will attend WPI as a freshman this all, and I took Amtrak from Milwaukee to Worcester to attend the merit-scholarship breakfast and visit the campus. I’d say we had about as much fun on the long train ride as a teen and his graying, mid-50s mother can have together. Once we reached Massachusetts and visited WPI, what most interested me were the people we met. There was something about their willingness to talk, with on-the-quick humor, energy, and attention. They really cared … at WPI and elsewhere. To generalize—and I hate to do that—I’d say that we Midwesterners, while certainly fun-loving and hardy, are also kind of cautious and careful. Out Worcester way, folks seemed a bit more passionate, outgoing, and creative. Maybe we just visited on a good day, I don’t know.

When we returned home, I read in the Wisconsin Outdoor Report: “Loons have returned to northern lakes and have been very vocal at night. Ospreys are on their nesting platforms in northern Wisconsin and the first Canada goose goslings have been reported in the south …. Spring peepers and wood and chorus frogs are still calling. In the north, tamarack tree needles are emerging from the buds ….” Well, you get the picture. Maybe there is no place like home, at least in spring, and at least when home is our wonderful Wisconsin. But WPI and its environs sure seem kind of wonderful, too.

Lynn Kuhns, WPI ’09 parent
Winneconne, Wis.

Editor’s note: The following e-mail was received by President Dennis Berkey. We have the author’s permission to share this with our readers.

Last Wednesday [April 20] my family stopped at your school to view the campus and get some information about admissions. My older daughter, Chrystina, is a high school junior and will be attending college soon; WPI was on her list of colleges to view. We arrived late and the admissions office was just closing, but we did manage to get some information about your great school. We then went back to our vehicle, which was parked on the street under the footbridge. We were talking to a student and my wife happened to mention that we had arrived late and were not able to take the “official” tour. Another student was walking by and promptly did a 180-degree turn. He said that he had overheard my wife’s comment and that he would be willing to give us a tour of the school, even though it was well after hours. Peter Kay, one of your junior students, then spent the next hour taking me, my wife, and daughters around the campus, beaming with pride as we approached each building. He managed to get us into a dorm so my daughter could see the rooms, and we saw the cafeteria, a classroom, and many other places of interest. Peter was thoroughly professional in his presentation. In this day and age it was refreshing to meet a student who so dearly loved his school. I’m not sure whether my daughter will choose WPI, but I do know that the quality of student that we saw there will make it high on her list.

Charlie Cappello
Northford, Conn.

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