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Volume 104, No. 3, Winter 2005

Volume 104, No. 3, Winter 2005

The Well-Rounded Technologist WPI is integrating science and engineering with humanities and arts to produce thoughtful, knowledgeable, well-rounded, twenty-first century technologists.

Humanly Possible Don Lathrop ’56 and Erica Tworog-Dube ’00 talk about the humanitarian principles that have inspired and guided their career choices and, ultimately, the way they live their lives.

Finding Happiness Philosophy professor Roger Gottlieb shares his thoughts on religion, the environment, and his own spiritual journey.

Virtually There Music professor Frederick Bianchi’s virtual orchestra, created to simulate the sound and feel of live musicians, is revolutionizing the way we listen to music.

WPI Studies in Science, Technology, and Culture WPI’s little known university press provides a venue for faculty to publish their work.

Still life by Steven Pascal. Photo by Patrick O’Connor.
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