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A Message from the Alumni Association President

This is a continuation of our dialogue with Morgan Rees ‘61, the 62nd President of the Alumni Association. We last spoke with Morgan earlier this year when he provided his goals for the year.

In the spring issue of Transformations, you detailed the key objectives for the Alumni Association: volunteerism, career services, and communications. Can you provide us with an update on these various initiatives?

Absolutely! The Association Cabinet has made progress in all these areas. Joe Ferrantino ’67 heads the regional club effort. We now have two clubs in operation (Hartford/Springfield and New York City) and more starting this year (Southern New Hampshire, Boston, and Worcester). So far we’ve held pub nights, sporting events, and a Sunday brunch. But there are a number of other ways to become involved. For example, you can participate in class activities and GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) events, or become an Alumni Ambassador, representing WPI at a high school or college fair. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

What progress has been made in the area of communications?

We completed a communications survey in the spring. The response was great—we heard from 280 alumni (a fourfold increase over our last survey, conducted in 2004). The results are now being compiled and analyzed. We’ll report the results and actions we are taking in The Bridge and in Transformations. One of the surprising facts was that some alumni were not aware of The Bridge, the Association’s monthly e-newsletter. This publication serves to keep alumni informed between issues of Transformations. It’s easy to sign up and be informed — go to Our thanks go to many, but especially to Joyce Kline ’87 for her efforts in spearheading the survey.

What can you report in the career services area?

We are expanding the scope of the program to encompass a broader range of services and assistance to alumni throughout their careers, including networking, mentoring, and job listings in The Bridge. This fall, we’ll be adding a staff person who will focus on this area, as well as on enhancing volunteer activities. This will be a great addition to the Office of Alumni Relations. I’ll report more on the specifics in The Bridge and in the next issue of Transformations. Our thanks go to Bill Krein ’62 for all his good work in putting this program together.

Can you provide your perspectives on Reunion?

This was my first Reunion as president. In my judgment, it was a smashing success, thanks in large part to the volunteers from the Office of Alumni Relations and other WPI staff, and the Alumni Association. Reunion was a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow alumni. The weekend was filled with exciting activities, as well as opportunities to renew old friendships, make new friends, and share memories. I really enjoyed the variety of offerings that Alumni College provided. The topics are fascinating. I hope more alumni will attend these events next year. Awards were presented to some very deserving people for career achievement and service to WPI. Professor emeritus Bill Grogan ’46 and university vice president Steve Hebert ’66 were recognized for their lifetime of service to WPI.

What’s being planned for Homecoming?

The Class Boards of Directors will meet, as they do traditionally at that time, to discuss their class activities. Homecoming is a wonderful time to reconnect with former classmates, learn more about what WPI is doing from an academic standpoint, and enjoy a great football game. We’re playing Union this year.
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