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Spotlight on Alumni Volunteers

Jake Roczniak '03, one of the youngest members of the Alumni Cabinet, heads the group's operations division. Technically, he oversees the class boards of directors meetings-which occur annually during the morning of Homecoming-as well as the Alumni Leadership Council and various other committees.

But more importantly, Roczniak points out, is his unofficial job of increasing volunteerism among alumni. Through his work with the Alumni Cabinet and through the Greek Alumni Council (GAC), which he helped reestablish last year, Roczniak is on a mission.

"It can be hard to get alumni reconnected with WPI, which is unfortunate," he concedes. "One of our biggest challenges is bringing volunteers back. So, to start, we're compiling a list of all the ways that alumni can volunteer."

Roczniak, now a consultant with Milford, Mass.-based Project Technologies Group, majored in management information systems at WPI. Originally from Lewisburg, W.Va., he filled his undergraduate days with a number of clubs and activities, including the fraternity Lambda Chi. "When I graduated, I immediately tried to restart the Greek Alumni Council," Roczniak explains. "The Greek community is one of the most active on campus. I knew alumni would want to continue volunteering."

Last summer, he happily accepted an invitation from alumni association president Morgan Rees '61 to chair the cabinet's operations division.

"I got so much out of WPI," Roczniak says. "I don't feel like I have to volunteer, but I really want to. WPI is where I want to volunteer my time."

To learn more about alumni volunteer opportunities, or to get involved, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 508-831-5600 or
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