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An Early View

A select few may remember WPI as it appears here, circa 1933, in the oldest aerial photograph that exists of the campus. In the background are, from right, Boynton Hall and Washburn shops (representing lehr und kunst, theory and practice), Stratton Hall, the Foundry (now the Project Center), Salisbury Labs, and Atwater Kent Labs. Beyond them, in the distance, are Salisbury Pond and Washburn & Moen Co., established by WPI founder Ichabod Washburn. Notable is the large amount of open space on the west side of campus. Within a decade, the grass and tennis courts along West Street would be replaced by Alden Memorial, Beech Tree Circle, and Higgins Labs, and Earle Bridge would link the east and west campuses. Look closely for the cars near the tennis courts, a foreshadowing of the parking lot that would grow to circle the Quadrangle. The cars sit on the approximate location of WPI’s newest building, Bartlett Center, which opened in May.

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