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New Symposium Highlights the Breadth of WPI: Graduate Research

Nearly 150 graduate students participated in WPI’s first Graduate Research Achievement Day in March. Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the symposium represented the first in what will be an annual showcase of research in science, engineering, the life sciences, and bioengineering.

Awards were given out in the three categories. In engineering, Alexandra Levshin ’05 took first place for her research on “Performance of Hydrofoils with Humpback Whale-like Leading Edge Protuberances.”

In the life science and bioengineering category, Yatao Liu took top honors for “Investigation of Molecular Scale Mechanisms of Cranberry on Escherichia coli Leading to Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections.”

John Hayward won first place in the science category for “Mining Oncology Data: Knowledge Discovery in Clinical Performance of Cancer Patients.”
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