WPI Wire
, Vol. 10, No. 3 - Fall

Headline Sun shines on inauguration
Homecoming: Sept. 21, 1996 The celebration continues
On the Quad International conferences bring increased recognition to WPI
WPI in Worcester, Westborough and Waltham
Career Development Fair
Fire lab ablaze with research
LEAP into leadership
Global Opportunities Fair
The Faculty New program turns trustees into mentors
Plaster of Parrish?
Modern art graces MFE walls
Alumni Chronicle What are class boards of directors doing? Innovative ideas that work!
A closer look at alumni opinions
Class agents back by popular demand
Still swinging after all these years
Beans rise to the top
Navy doctor helps divers decompress
Jay Davidson '79 coaches diamonds in the rough
Joe Del Ponte carries a torch for Huntsville
Spotlight on student life Making buildings smart enough to withstand earthquakes
Bookstore opens
Meet the Prez
Cookin' good
Did you know that...
Sports 1996-97 Winter Preview

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