Wire, Vol. 10, No. 3 - Fall 1996

What are class boards of directors doing? Innovative ideas that work!

Success Story #1

Reach out and nab someone!

The Class of '74 has a great new newsletter, named for the freshman class motto: "Give a Damn, Damn It." Here's how they got started:

After a successful 20th Reunion in 1994, the Class Board of Directors sent out a letter challenging each class member to call three long-lost friends during the Christmas season. Many classmates picked up their phones and rose to the challenge. The news gleaned from those calls formed the basis of the first newsletter.

Things snowballed from there, according to board member Larry Martiniano. Reading the newsletter inspired many classmates to write, call or send e-mail. "Don't be afraid to start small," Martiniano advises. "Publishing something is better than publishing nothing." The Alumni Office will help classes print and distribute newsletters.

Success Story #2

Start your own tradition!

For the past few years, the Class of '56 has made an annual sojourn to Tanglewood for a weekend of music, picnicking and companionship. Attendance is outstanding, and the board conducts such business as establishing a class awards program and raising a record-breaking $1 million Class Gift for its 40th Reunion.

Hank Nowick says the Tanglewood weekends are such a big draw, the class has already booked its 1997 weekend at the Red Lion Inn in West Stockbridge, Mass. "We've started a tradition that I think will continue for years and years," he says.

Success Story #3

Have fun!

The Class of 1989 visited the Wachusett Brewing Co. Inc., Worcester County's first microbrewery. Hosts for the event were three classmates who co-founded the brewery, Kevin Buckler, Peter Quinn and Ned LaFortune. The event was a great success among these younger alumni.

What can your class come up with?

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