Wire, Vol. 10, No. 3 - Fall 1996

Homecoming: Sept. 21, 1996
The celebration continues

Homecoming Day dawned beautiful and bright, on the heels of Friday's inauguration celebrations. Spirits were still soaring, borne aloft like the enormous white tent that billowed over the Quad. Weekend visitors shed suits and pearls for jeans and sneakers to enjoy a day of revelry and perfect fall weather. The exuberance was shared by all, from the Class of '96, returning to campus as alumni for the first time, to the representatives of the Class Boards of Directors, who marched with pride in the Inaugural Parade on Friday, then conducted a successful business meeting on Saturday.

The day's offerings included a session on job hunting on the Internet, a multimedia presentation on technology-based management programs at WPI, and a fun-for-all-ages Quadfest. Potential members of the classes of the 2020s enjoyed a marionette show of Jack and the Beanstalk, a magic show, face painting and music under the big top.

Athletic events included hockey, soccer, and a crew event at Lake Quinsigamond. The football team took a beating at the hands of Union College (24-10), but the fun continued with tailgate picnics, parties and a Young Alumni Social at the Main Street Brewery in downtown Worcester.

The annual Freshman-Sophomore Rope Pull was over in seconds, when the sophomores threw up their hands, letting victory and the rope slip through their fingers. The victorious freshmen got the upper hand immediately, after being egged on by Bland Addison, associate professor of history, a nonswimmer. He issued taunts to both classes from the relative safety of a canoe steered by Chrysanthe Terwilliger '88, assistant professor of mechanical engineering. The freshmen ran off with rope, snaking it across Salisbury Street with shouts and cheers. They used it to tie up Morgan Hall, skillfully weaving and knotting it in and out of windows, from floor to floor. Whether or not their brazen display will net them the Goat remains to be seen.

Homecoming honors and awards

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