Wire, Vol. 10, No. 3 - Fall 1996

Plaster of Parrish?

A likeness of President Edward Parrish, created by residents of Founders Hall presided over the fourth hole of the Student Alumni Society's miniature golf course during a Homecoming competition. Founders won first prize for the creation, and Parrish was praised for submitting to a one-hour session to cast a plaster impression of his face.

Following Homecoming, Buildings Manager Terry Pellerin carried the figure into the President's Office, where it greeted Parrish on his arrival Monday morning. While a pleasant surprise for the president (who hadn't had a chance to see his effigy on the golf course), the likeness provided a heart-stopping moment for Boynton Hall custodian Dianne Moreau at daybreak.

Modern art graces MFE walls

Artist Barbara Rubin-Katz is shown with Richard Sisson, director of manufacturing engineering and program head of materials science and engineering, in front of "Materials Ascendant."

Rubin-Katz's gift to the Manufacturing Engineering Department has visitors to the third floor of Washburn Shops taking a second look. Rubin-Katz, wife of Robert Katz, associate professor of mechanical engineering, presented her framed assemblage to the department this summer. The work, composed of "found" objects, is a striking juxtaposition of aggregations of aluminum, steel, copper, titanium, ceramic and composite materials, with large open spaces.

"These assemblages convey a multifaceted sense of purpose and place, achieving a rare unification of art and activity," says the artist. "Those who look closely will recognize the different components of an aluminum ingot, a turbine blade, turbo charger rotors, Italian and Korean coins, and glass and various ceramics," adds Robert Katz.

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