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VOLUME 12, NO. 2     JANUARY 1999

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Faculty Endorses Strategic Planning Report

WPI ranked no. 51 in the nation

Brazilian, Thai Universities hook up with Fire Protection Engineering
Thailand and Brazil are separated by distance and culture, yet students in those countries will soon have a common bond. In September, agreements were signed between WPI's Fire Protection Engineering Program and the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, and with Chulalongkorn University (Chula) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Admissions Efforts Pay Off
The 1998-99 academic year got off to a great start with a 16.5 percent increase in applications and a freshman class nearly identical in size to that of the two previous years.
Communicating in Conference
WPI hosted a major mathematical conference and was well represented at an important wireless conference in recent months.
Milestone Year for Continuing Ed
In June, WPI marked the 20th anniversary of the Office of Continuing Education (OCE) with a reception and dinner in Founders Hall. The event also honored the 159 individuals from 66 companies who have graduated from OCE's Professional Development Certificate programs.


Distinguished Company
WPI has joined 132 other colleges and universities in Internet2 - the project to develop new network applications to support scientific research, distance education, national security, environmental monitoring, health care and digital libraries.
A New Crossroads
See the plans that will become the crossroads of the campus on page 2. WPI's first campus center will bring students, faculty, staff and alumni together to dine, study, relax, meet and converse.
Superior Shrimp, Plants and Parachutes
Joe Bagshaw won a patent for his method of selecting genetically superior shrimp, Hamid Johari is building better parachutes in a WPI wind tunnel. Recent Ph.D. Charles Buer is getting noticed for his plant research. Read about these researchers...
Don't Try This at Home
Michael Mazur '99 did a trick physics students have been doing for decades: he swirled a drop of liquid nitrogen in his mouth and blew smoke rings. But then he swallowed. Medical literature reveals he's the first person to survive the experience.


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