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VOLUME 12, NO. 1     JUNE 1998

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President addresses state of the University, challenges, needs

Visionaries Wanted
WPI is looking for some help in finetuning its course into the 21st century. This fall, an innovative system on the World Wide Web will enable WPI community members to cast their votes for a number of proposed strategic initiatives.
Opening a New Academic Frontier
System dynamics is a method of modeling complex systems, a skill increasingly in demand in the public and private sectors. WPI is the only place in the world that offers an undergraduate degree in this exciting field.
Yahoo! We're Wired!
Only handful of universities give their students greater access to the Internet and other electronic resources than WPI, according to Yahoo! Internet Life.
Auld Lang Syne
The Class of 1948 took the 50-Year Associates by storm, arriving for its induction Friday evening just as high winds and a heavy downpour hit.

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Research Scales New Heights
History Professor Peter Hansen is an authority on the cultural history of British mountaineering. This summer his research has led him to Australia and New Zealand, home of Sir Edmund Hillary, whose party was the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
At Home in the Eternal City
Michael Klein, retired professor of physics, is continuing his research in low-temperature superconductors while he enjoys the cosmopolitan and cultural riches in his adopted home city of Jerusalem.
Outstanding in Their Fields
The cream of the crop of WPI's student-athletes were honored recently during WPI's annual sports award banquet.


Paying attention to professor pays off
The value of a college education is sometimes hard to put into words. But Charles L. Lincicum of Danvers, Mass., can put it into numbers: $2.4 million. That's how much money a WPI night course he took has saved his company, he says...
New curator will wear two hats
A joint curatorial/adjunct faculty position that will serve both institutions was announced in January by WPI and the Higgins Armory Museum. The person ultimately selected to fill the new post will act as head of the museum's curatorial department and will be a non-tenured member of the WPI Humanities and Arts Department faculty...
Ecuadoran students coming to WPI
WPI and the Escuela Superior Politecnica del Literal (ESPOL) in Guayaguil, Ecuador, recently signed an agreement that will enable as may as 25 ESPOL students to come to WPI. Up to 15 students will be allowed to complete their last two years of college here; 10 more would come to complete M.B.A.s or master of science degrees in operations and information technology or marketing and technological innovation...
WPI degree opens doors for older grad
Steven P. Lewis laughs when he remembers that his first-term grades from WPI were mailed to his mother -- at a retirement center in Connecticut. Lewis' mother stopped getting the grades after he reminded the folks in the Projects and Registrar's Office that he was old enough to be independent of her...


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