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VOLUME 12, NO. 1     JUNE 1998

Alumni Award Citations Presented at Reunion '98

William R. Grogan Award
for Support of the Mission of WPI
Kenneth E. Scott, Sr. '48
Herbert F. Taylor Award
for Distinguished Service to WPI
Paul H. Bergstrom '38, SIM '63
John H. McCabe '68
Robert H. Goddard Alumni Award
for Outstanding Professional Achievement
Arthur E. Martell '38
Jackson Durkee '43 C.E., P.E.
Richard A. Kashnow '63
Nishan Teshoian '63
Steven C. Halstedt '68
Roger J. Heinen '73
Ichabod Washburn Young Alumni Award
for Professional Achievement
John D. Atkinson '83
Mark A. Mungeam '83
John Boynton Young Alumni Award
for Service to WPI
Maureen Sexton Horgan '83

Kenneth E. Scott, Sr. '48
Ken Scott, you have truly distinguished yourself during your lifelong career at WPI. Your inspired teaching of generations of students and mentoring of friends and colleagues has influenced an untold number of lives and careers.

You joined the mechanical engineering faculty as an instructor following graduation from WPI in 1948. You later received your master's degree in mechanical engineering and were appointed a full professor in 1966. Although best known for your skills as an innovative teacher, you have been called upon frequently to assume administrative responsibilities. During the 1988-89 academic year, you were acting head of the Mechanical Engineering Department. In 1971 you were appointed director of audio-visual development and in 1974 director of instructional television. You were instrumental in the development of individually-paced instruction (IPI) and self-paced laboratory modules. An early believer in the instructional potential of new technologies, you developed WPI's Instructional Media Center and its Computer-aided Design Laboratory. For five decades you provided a caring environment marked by creativity and innovation, which has helped WPI achieve and maintain an exceptional record in engineering education.

A dedicated teacher and advisor, you have been honored on several occasions. The staff of the Peddler dedicated the 1970 yearbook to you. In 1971, you were the recipient of the Trustees Award for Outstanding Teaching and became the first George I. Alden Professor of Engineering. You were recognized with the Western Electric Fund Award for Excellence in Instruction of Engineering Students and, in 1991 you were elected a fellow in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. A strong supporter of the Alumni Association, you served as the first faculty representative to the Executive Committee, and were a member and chair of the Citations Committee. You have played an active role in your Class Reunion planning since its 25th, and were a solicitor for the 40th Anniversary Gift Program. Your special sense of style has produced success wherever you have turned.

Ken Scott, excellent teacher, advisor, educational innovator, campus leader and loyal alumnus, it is with great pride that WPI recognizes your dedication by presenting you today with the William R. Grogan Award.

Paul H. Bergstrom '38, SIM '63
Paul Bergstrom, for 60 years WPI and the Class of 1938 have been the beneficiaries of your commitment to building a special bond between alumni and their alma mater.

Active in athletics and student activities as an undergraduate, you have continued your service to WPI ever since as treasurer of your class. Throughout your years of involvement, you have led by example. Your work as General Reunion Chair in 1964 inspired several others to serve as chairs; they, in turn, organized successful reunion programs. You have been a tireless contributor to almost every 1938 class reunion, serving as a member of the Reunion Committees and as a solicitor for your anniversary gift programs.

Your involvement with WPI has not been limited to the Class of 1938. Among other posts, you have served as president of the Worcester County Club, class representative to the Alumni Council, and solicitor and volunteer for the Alumni Fund.WPI was never forgotten during your 41-year career with Norton Company. You successfully balanced the responsibilities of a career and an active family. Upon your retirement in 1980, WPI would benefit greatly by your active involvement with the Tech Old Timers, which in 1990 honored you with its Distinguished Service Award for your meritorious service as vice president and president. For two consecutive years you chaired the annual Tech Old Timers Ladies Day program. Having held all the leadership positions in the organization, you have shown continued interest and guidance in its ongoing activities.

Paul Bergstrom, in appreciation for your quiet dedication and your loyalty to your alma mater, it is a distinct pleasure for WPI to honor your lifetime of service by presenting you with the Herbert F. Taylor Award for Distinguished Service to WPI.

John H. McCabe '68
Jack McCabe, your dedication and loyalty to your alma mater has set a standard of alumni leadership worthy of recognition and appreciation. During three decades of service, you have given an incredible amount of time and talent in support of WPI. Many have reaped the benefit of your wise counsel and extraordinary commitment. As a young alumnus you enthusiastically chaired the Worcester County Club; as its treasurer, you were instrumental in raising funds for the Worcester County scholarship program. Your leadership as a member of the Alumni Association Executive Committee, as chair of Reunion, Student Alumni Society and Group Travel, and as the youngest ever president of the association in 1979 helped shape a solid foundation for the association. In 1978 your outstanding involvement as a young alumnus was recognized with the first John Boynton Award.

Your additional contributions to your alma mater as a member of your 20th and 30th Reunion committees, as a solicitor for your 25th anniversary gift program, as a member of the Citations Committee, and as a member of the Poly Club have made WPI and the association stronger.

Although you are being recognized today for your service to WPI, your volunteer spirit has been felt in the Worcester community, as well. In 1995 you received the key to Worcester in recognition of your dedication to community service. You have been a trustee of Bay State Savings Bank, president of Preservation Worcester and chair of the Worcester Industrial Development Finance Authority. Today you continue to serve, as chair of the Worcester Redevelopment Authority.

Jack McCabe, it is a distinct pleasure to recognize your leadership and long-standing commitment to your alma mater by presenting you with the Herbert F. Taylor Alumni Award for Distinguished Service to WPI.

Arthur E. Martell '38
Arthur Martell, pioneer research scientist and accomplished teacher, you have distinguished yourself and your alma mater through decades of involvement in advancing the field of chemistry.

Regarded by most chemists as the foremost American research scientist in the field of aqueous coordination equilibria, your accomplishments are numerous. Following your graduation from WPI in 1938 with a degree in chemistry, you embarked upon an academic career that added tremendously to our understanding of coordination chemistry. After completing your doctorate at NYU, you returned briefly to WPI as an instructor in the Chemistry Department. You chaired the chemistry departments at Clark University and Illinois Institute of Technology before joining the faculty of Texas A & M in 1966. Under your leadership, the Texas A & M chemistry department rose from virtual obscurity to become one of the leading departments in the country. Since 1980, you have held the title of Distinguished Professor of Chemistry.

Your selection as a Guggenheim Fellow, a National Science Foundation Senior Postdoctoral Fellow and an NIH Special Fellow attests to your international reputation as a scholar. In 1962 WPI was proud to award you an honorary doctor of science degree. Throughout your career you have contributed your expertise to numerous professional societies, including the American Chemical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Sigma Xi, the scientific research honor society. Your research has allowed you to author and edit 15 books and 550 journal publications, most of which are concerned with equilibria, kinetics and the physical properties of metal chelates, macrocyclic complexes and cryptates.

As a rare individual able to combine a career in administration with one in research, you have helped build the chemical community by serving industry, government and academe nationwide.

Arthur Martell, it is with great pride and admiration that we present to you the Robert H. Goddard Alumni Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement.

Jackson Durkee '43, C.E., P.E.
Jack Durkee, outstanding construction engineer and innovator, your professional accomplishments in the field of long-span bridges have brought great honor to your alma mater.

Following graduation from WPI, you began your career as a design engineer with Douglas Aircraft. After serving in the Pacific Theatre during World War II, you continued your education at Cornell University, where you received your master's degree in civil engineering; you would later return to Cornell as a visiting professor of structural engineering.

You then brought your engineering skills to the Fabricated Steel Construction Division of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, where you held various office and field positions, including that of chief bridge engineer. In 1978 you turned your energies toward developing yourself as a consulting structural engineer, working internationally on suspension bridge construction. Your accomplishments in the field of engineering are broad: you have consulted on the construction of steel hangars at Johannesburg International Airport and on the rehabilitation of some of America's historic bridges (including New York's East River suspension crossings).

You began your involvement with the American Society of Civil Engineers while still a student at WPI, and eventually rose to become president of the organization. The ASCE has honored your decades of accomplishments as an engineer by presenting you with the Ernest E. Howard Award, known as the structural engineering gold medal, and by electing you as a fellow, and more recently, an honorary member.

Your election to the National Academy of Engineering in 1995 attests to your international reputation as an engineer; you join only a handful of fellow alumni who have been so honored. Holding several patents related to suspension bridge cable construction, you have been noted in particular for the invention of the parallel-wire-strand method for construction of suspension bridge cables, which you developed during your 28-year career at Bethlehem Steel.

Jack Durkee, your impressive career has distinguished you among your peers. It is a great honor to present you with the Robert H. Goddard Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement.

Richard A. Kashnow '63
Dick Kashnow, you have distinguished yourself among your peers and you have brought great pride to your alma mater through your decades of accomplishments as a technically oriented R&D physicist and a business-oriented manager and leader.

Following your graduation from WPI with a degree in physics, you received a NASA fellowship and earned your doctorate in solid-state physics from Tufts University. After serving as an officer in the U.S. Army, you began your career in 1970 at General Electric, where for 17 years you held numerous positions, including manager of the electronics laboratory and general manager of the quartz and chemical products business. Your transition into the business environment came during your experience with Appliance Park, where you were the first scientist liaison providing links between General Electric's R&D and its eight business groups. This experience was one of your greatest accomplishments.

In 1987 you joined the Denver-based Manville Corporation as general manager; in 1991, you became president of Schuller International Group, supplier of fiberglass insulation and filtration media, where you oversaw its transformation from a struggling, cost-laden company to a lean, profitable one. Since 1995, as president, chairman and CEO of Raychem Corporation, you've led a $1.8 billion global manufacturer of materials science-based products for electronics, telecommunications and industrial applications. You have brought a new and dynamic turn-of-the-millennium leadership style to Raychem.

Throughout your career you have contributed your expertise to numerous professional organizations, including the American Physical Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and Sigma Xi, the scientific research honor society. You are also a lifetime member of Alpha Epsilon Pi. An expert in the fields of lattice dynamics and liquid crystals, you hold several patents and have authored numerous technical papers.

Dick Kashnow, it is a pleasure to welcome home a Worcester native and to express our admiration for your distinguished career by presenting you with the Robert H. Goddard Alumni Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement.

Nishan Teshoian '63
Nish Teshoian, your highly successful career, distinguished by outstanding business acumen and leadership, has brought much pride to your alma mater. Most recently, you've brought your leadership to Coltec Industries Inc., where as president of a $1.2 billion manufacturer of diversified aerospace, automotive and industrial products, you will lead the company in maximizing internal growth, acquisitions and increased penetration of global markets.

Following graduation from WPI, you were commissioned in the U.S. Army Signal Corps and received orders for duty in Vietnam. During your tour you were presented with the Army Commendation Medal and the Vietnam Expeditionary Medal. You then began your career with General Electric, where you held a series of manufacturing management positions between 1966 and 1977.

You progressed through 10 years of manufacturing and general management experiences at Cooper Industries, beginning in 1977 at the Gardner-Denver compressor business. You became president of Gardner-Denver in 1985 and in 1990 were named president of Cooper's Belden Division. From 1993 to 1995, you were executive vice president of operations for Cooper. From 1995 until its acquisition by Tyco International Ltd. in 1997, you were chairman and chief executive officer of Keystone International Inc., manufacturer of industrial flow control products, butterfly valves and operators. Throughout that period you never turned down the opportunity to take on a challenge.

During your rise to the top, you have devoted much time to an active family, your professional development and community service. You completed GE's Manufacturing Management Program in 1969 and graduated from Stanford's Executive Program in 1989. You were honored by GE with the Borsch Award for Exceptional Contribution, by the United Way with the Outstanding Division Leader Award, and by Cooper Industries with the 1985 Outstanding Community Service Award.

Nish Teshoian, WPI is fortunate to have among its alumni a man of such exceptional professionalism and leadership. We are proud to present you with the Robert H. Goddard Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement.

Steven C. Halstedt '68
Steve Halstedt, able businessman and astute financier, you have distinguished yourself and your alma mater through the success of your venture capital investment business and the profound influence you have had in nurturing the rapid growth of the cable television and cellular telephone industries in the Rocky Mountain area and beyond.

After earning your degree with distinction in management engineering, you saw active service in Vietnam as a platoon leader and battalion operations officer in the U.S. Army. You earned an M.B.A. from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College and went to the Travelers Corporation in Hartford, where you managed a $200 million portfolio of loans. When opportunity arose in the newly developing cable television industry, you moved to Denver as executive vice president of Daniels and Associates.

In 1981 your focus turned to venture capital. As co-founder, CEO and general partner of the Centennial Funds, you have since made hundreds of millions of dollars available to help promising startup companies in the diverse and swiftly evolving telecommunications industry. You also bring an array of financial and management skills to such companies as Verio, Formus Communications and V-I-A Internet, whose boards you lead. As former chairman of OneComm Corporation, PageAmerica Group and Orion Network Systems, all of which are now publicly traded companies, and as a director of Centennial Communications Corporation, Masada Security Holdings and Triax Communications Corporation, you have indeed influenced and helped shape the technological world in which we live.

You have generously lent your leadership skills to the greater Denver community, serving on the board of The Children's Museum and two minority enterprise small business associations, and co-founding the Colorado Venture Capital Association. Your commitment to your community, coupled with your success in helping new companies grow and thrive, distinguish you among your peers.

Steve Halstedt, it is with great pride and honor that we present you with the Robert H. Goddard Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement.

Roger J. Heinen '73
Roger Heinen, brilliant scientist, visionary and corporate leader, your alma mater recognizes your pioneering contributions in computer technology.

Following your graduation from WPI, you worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, beginning what would become a distinguished and noteworthy career in software engineering. You helped create and develop some of Digital's most critical and commercially successful software products before joining Apple Computer as vice president of systems engineering in 1990. Two years later, you assumed leadership of Apple's Software Architecture Division, where as senior vice president you led your division in developing the system software, architecture, developer tools, product marketing and developer relations for Macintosh.

In a move that surprised industry analysts, you left Apple in 1993 to join industry giant Microsoft as senior vice president. As head of the developer division, you led a team that developed landmark technology for the most successful computer program of the 20th century, Microsoft Windows, before retiring in 1996 at the age of 45.

In retirement, you continue to be a venerable force in the computer software industry, serving as a consultant and as a director on the boards of several startup companies, including Avid Technology, ANSYS, MAPICS and Radnet corporations.

Throughout your phenomenal career, you have brought insightful leadership, bold vision and exceptional business acumen to one of the world's most creative enterprises, computer technology.

Roger Heinen, for your significant and lasting achievements in a pioneering field, WPI is proud to honor you today with the Robert H. Goddard Alumni Award for Professional Achievement.

John D. Atkinson '83
John Atkinson you were admitted to partnership of Andersen Consulting in 1996, rising quickly to the top in a highly competitive environment, where the invitation to become a partner is reserved for the company's strongest performers.

In 1983 following your graduation from WPI with a degree in management engineering, you became a consultant at the Hartford office of Andersen Consulting, which focuses on global management and technology consulting. Since joining the firm, you have spent your time developing and installing mission critical information systems for Fortune 500 companies. You have also directed reengineering engagements in a number of different industries and functional areas.

As part of Andersen's Global Energy Practice based in Philadelphia, you focus on the downstream refining and marketing business segment. John Atkinson, your impressive record of achievement has distinguished you among your peers. It is an honor to present you with the Ichabod Washburn Young Alumni Award for Professional Achievement.

Mark A. Mungeam '83
Mark Mungeam, partner with Cornish, Silva & Mungeam, Inc., you are a nationally recognized golf course architect. Locally, your achievements include Cyprian Keyes Golf Course in nearby Boylston, Shaker Hills Golf Club in Harvard, and long-range planning work at the Worcester and Tatnuck country clubs. You have also worked on courses throughout the United States and Europe.

Your interest in golf design began while you were a student at WPI, working summers maintaining a small nine-hole course in his hometown of Berlin. You credit your degree in civil engineering for landing your first job with Moore Golf Inc. of Culpepper, Va. You later joined Prince Contracting Co. Inc., of Palmetto, Fla., where you were able to study the work of golf architect Donald Ross, the most prolific of early American designers.

You joined Cornish & Silva in 1987, becoming a partner in 1995. In fulfillment of one of your primary goals, you are currently a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, a select group of leading golf course designers in the United States.

Mark, having taken a road that few WPI alumni have traveled, you have distinguished yourself among your peers. It is an honor to present you with the Ichabod Washburn Young Alumni Award for Professional Achievement.

Maureen Sexton Horgan '83
Maureen Horgan, your years of leadership, creativity and vision have resulted in a stronger WPI and Alumni Association. Your involvement began immediately after graduation. As a loyal supporter of your class, you served generously as an Alumni Fund Class Agent and a member of the 5-Year Reunion Committee. In a short time you distinguished yourself as a leader among your peers.

Your active leadership as a member of the Executive Committee helped shape the association As chair of Career Connections, you brought valuable insights and ideas to enhance the existing program. You put a great deal of personal energy into this initiative, which brought together the experiences of alumni and the needs of students. A popular speaker at various Career Day events, you have shared generously your professional knowledge with job seekers. The career networking foundation you built continues today with the Career Day program each fall.

Maureen Horgan, it is with great pleasure that WPI recognize your leadership and commitment to your alma mater by presenting you with the John Boynton Young Alumni Award for Service to WPI.

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