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VOLUME 12, NO. 1     JUNE 1998

Ecuadoran students coming to WPI

WPI and the Escuela Superior Politecnica del Literal (ESPOL) in Guayaguil, Ecuador, recently signed an agreement that will enable as may as 25 ESPOL students to come to WPI. Up to 15 students will be allowed to complete their last two years of college here; 10 more would come to complete M.B.A.s or master of science degrees in operations and information technology or marketing and technological innovation...

"We're delighted to be part of this program and to be the site of the various management disciplines," says McRae C. Banks III, head of WPI's Department of Management, who notes that similar agreements exist between ESPOL and the University of Notre Dame. "Typically ESPOL's top students are eligible for this program. They are groomed for top positions in government, education and business."

"ESPOL fully expects WPI graduates from Ecuador to be 'fast trackers' who rise to the top of their chosen professions," adds ICHE Director Omar Maluk Salem.

Two WPI graduates and a Ph.D. candidate head significant programs at ESPOL. Edgar E. Izquierdo '96 (M.B.A.) directs a new academic program. Victor Hugo Gonzalez '96 (M.S.) is the associate director of ESPOL's Instituto de Ciencias, Humanisticas y Economics (ICHE). Jorge Duque-Rivera, who is currently completing his dissertation for a doctorate in management at WPI, is ESPOL's planning and budget officer.

The recent agreement is not the first between the universities. In 1992 WPI was one of 10 colleges to receive a five-year, $500,000 University Development Linkages Project (UDLP) competitive award from the U.S. Agency for International Development. Gonzalez, Izquierdo, Duque-Rivera and Boris Ramos, who received an M.S. in computer science in 1997, came to WPI under that program, which was extended this fall.

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