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VOLUME 12, NO. 1     JUNE 1998

Reunion '98

Anne McPartland Dodd '75, right, greets Maryann Bagdis Goebel '73 during a special Reunion brunch for WPI's earliest women graduates.

T he Class of 1948 took the 50-Year Associates by storm, arriving for its induction Friday evening just as high winds and a heavy downpour hit. As revelers took cover in Alden Memorial, more recent alumni made merry in Harrington Auditorium at a Boardwalk Millaround that featured carnival food and games.

A new tradition called "Bridging the Decades" had alumni swapping stories on Saturday morning about everything from "Friday Franks" (meatless hot dogs of the postwar era) to fraternity antics. Down at Higgins House, the brave and few "Women of '73," WPI's second co-ed class, gathered for an intimate brunch, where they shared stories of kids, jobs and kids' jobs.

The Reunion Parade stepped off at noon, with a few steadfast comrades missing. In the absence of Jack Herr '22 and Chester Doe '28, who passed away this year, alumni from the 1930s proudly took the lead. Young alumni hoisted their class banners and paraded their offspring, then wheeled off to "Spreeunion!!!" barbecues on the Higgins House lawns.

Each class evoked memories of its time on campus. The Class of 1948 recalled a coming of age bisected by World War II. The Class of 1963 decked its award-winning hospitality suite with an impressive collection of Space Age memorabilia, including a space suit and a space toilet.

The Class of 1953 shared eyewitness accounts of the tornado that cut through the city that year, forcing Commencement to move to the football field when Worcester Memorial Auditorium became an emergency shelter. Eerily, Friday evening's quick-moving thunderstorms placed the city under the specter of tornado warnings.

Reunion concluded Sunday morning with a service of "Remembrances" for departed classmates.

The winners are...

Stephen J. Hebert Golf Trophy: Mark Teshoian
WPI Trivial Pursuit Breakfast: Bill McLeod '58
Class of '17 Attendance Cup: Class of 1938 (33%)
Hospitality Suite Award: 1st place, Class of 1963; Runner-up, Class of 1948

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