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VOLUME 11, NO. 1     MAY 1997

Applicant pool attracts high achievers

A relaxed and optimistic Robert Voss, executive director of admissions and financial aid, had some good news for those who attended the combined Trustees/APSA meeting on Feb. 21.

"There are a lot of applications and they are good," said Voss, who noted that the Admissions Office had received 3,075 applications by mid-February. (The final tally was 3,146). "We are working with the largest application pool in the history of the school - - the next closest year is 1987, when we recorded 2,950 applications. Last year, the university had 2,542 applications on hand as of Feb. 19." The figures include 176 students of color, a significant increase from 1996 when 109 applied, and, from 1995, when the university drew applications from only 85 of these students. Women account for 711 of the applicants - 23 percent of the total received. "Our goal is to continue to increase enrollments in each of these categories," he says. "It is obvious that we are making strides in our efforts."

Voss says one of the reasons applications may be up significantly is because WPI has made it possible to submit an application via the World Wide Web - one of the few colleges to use this technology. About 800 applications were received from the Web; an additional 700 potential students applied on disk."

We hope to enroll 675 freshmen," says Voss. "It's great to have so many candidates for these positions, but the competition for these very able students will be intense. We owe thanks to many of WPI's constituents, especially our alumni and faculty, for the successes so far. Now we'll need their help to enroll the class."

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